Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ruby Wing Color Changing Polish: "Sweet Fantasy" Spring 2014 Collection

Ruby Wing Sweet Fantasy
Ruby Wing "Sweet Fantasy" collection - inside!

Ruby Wing Sweet Fantasy
Ruby Wing "Sweet Fantasy" collection - outside!

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For spring 2014 Ruby Wing released the Sweet Fantasy collection and introduced six new sunlight-activated color change nail polishes. Not familiar with Ruby Wing? Ruby Wing is the sibling brand to Color Club, with Forsythe Cosmetics being the parent company. Ruby Wing nail polishes are all color changing (the sunlight-activated kind).

In each swatch, I'm wearing one polish on my pointer/ring fingers and another on my middle/pinky fingers. I put the inside and outside pictures side by side so you can see the color change without scrolling up and down - the inside picture is on the left and the outside picture is on the right. Let's take a look!

Silk Sheets & Kitten Heels

Ruby Wing Silk Sheets Kitten Heels

Silk Sheets (pointer & ring fingers)

Inside: light pastel peach with fine golden shimmer
Outside: darker peachy-mauve with fine golden shimmer

The formula of Silk Sheets is sheer, which is somewhat expected for this kind of shimmery polish. I used three coats. The shimmer isn't concealed when this polish changes to the darker shade in sunlight.

Kitten Heels (middle & pinky fingers)

Inside: bright (almost neon) pink cream; very close to purple
Outside: bright (almost neon) reddish-orange cream

Kitten Heels is my favorite Ruby Wing polish to date. The formula is great and is almost opaque in one coat. I used two. Kitten Heels dries to a semi-matte finish. I adore the "indoor" color!

In Your Dreams & Deepest Desire

Ruby Wing In Your Dreams Deepest Desire

In Your Dreams (pointer & ring fingers)

Inside: pale greyish-periwinkle cream
Outside: darker and more saturated periwinkle cream

In Your Dreams required two thick coats, which actually isn't terrible considering the indoor color is so light.

Deepest Desire (middle & pinky fingers)

Inside: shimmery warm olive green
Outside: shimmery orangey bronze

Deepest Desire was easy to apply. I'm wearing two coats.

Dolled Up & Centerfold

Ruby Wing Dolled Up Centerfold

Dolled Up (pointer & ring fingers)

Inside: large blue, red, and yellow hexagonal glitter and smaller red glitter in a fleshy-pink base
Outside: the base color turns to a darker pink shade

Centerfold (middle & pinky fingers)

Inside: magenta pink jelly with silver and black hexagonal glitter and smaller silver glitter
Outside: the base color turns to a dark eggplant purple and the glitter looks blue

Gold star to Ruby Wing for creating two indie-esque glitter polishes, but I won't hide my dislike for them. In the bottle they look amazing, on the nail inside they look just OK, but outside they really don't look great. In sunlight, the base color turns dark and all but completely covers up the glitter. Formula-wise, these aren't too difficult to apply. There is so much glitter packed in each bottle that you won't have any trouble extracting it. But you will need to implement the "plop and blob" method for best results. I'm wearing two "coats" of plopping and blobbing.

With creams, shimmers, and glitters, the Sweet Fantasy collection has something for everyone. While Dolled Up and Centerfold aren't my jam, Kitten Heels has become a new favorite.

Ruby Wing nail polishes retail for $10 and are available online. In New York City, I've seen them at Ricky's.

Product(s) in this post were provided for review. Read my disclosure policy here.


  1. these look fun! I'm less fond of the glitters, but the cremes look quite intriguing.

  2. These look amazing! I do love the Ruby Wing polishes :-)

  3. Hello Amy,

    I'm trying to get in touch with you but I cannot fund your contact information. Do you have an email address that you can share with me? Thank you!

  4. Deepest Desire looks like a great color for fall, both inside and out.

  5. I sampled these and felt the same way, great concept but kind of a "blah" formula...