Friday, July 25, 2014

Weekend Shopping: Visit Birchbox's Flagship Store, Christian Louboutin's "Rouge Louboutin", Enter to Win a Year's Supply of Polish, and More!

The Unisphere - Corona Park, Queens

Hey there! How's your summer going? I haven't had nearly enough time to blog lately. Instead of filling your reader with posts created with what little time & energy I have these days (you'd notice. you're smart), I've opted to hold off until I can bring you the good stuff. But there's so much to talk about I just had to fill you in! I did some damage last weekend at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and Nordstrom Rack - sparkly giraffe TOMS, I'm looking at you! - so it will probably be a shopping-less weekend for me. Have fun shopping for me, k?

Here's what I'm loving and (fake) shopping for this weekend:

CosmoProf round ups (specifically, this one by Work Play Polish and this one by Chalkboard Nails)

Create your dream nail polish color and Rescue Beauty might bring it to life! Details here.

Enter here to win a year's supply of butter LONDON polishes (ends 07/30)

And Instagram to win a $1,000 Sephora gift card and the $1,000 VIP Beauty Treatment - details here

Visit the Birchbox flagship store in Soho: 433 West Broadway

Urban Decay's "Pulp Fiction" inspired products

Smitten Polish's summer 2014 collection ("Seahorse Rodeo" FTW.)

INGLOT's new line of fragrances

Pre-order Zoya's new "Natural 2" palette collection

This galaxy scarf

This bed

The color of the Universe is… (why is this not a nail polish yet?)

This woman transformed herself into the World Cup trophy

Vantablack. The blackest substance known. "So Black Your Eyes Can't See It". Aka the new standard for eyeliner & mascara.

The selfie stick is so last week. Get ready for the "dronie".

What do you look like today? (Today I'm an art student at her first office job who hasn't fully grasped the concept of "business casual")

And coming soon:

08/05: Cirque Colors "The Kontiki" and "Back to Basics" collections
08/06: OPI "Nordic Collection"
08/06: Christian Louboutin's "Rouge Louboutin"

What are you shopping for this weekend?


  1. Oh the BL would have been great to enter but I'm in Scotland - pity it's not part of the US :-|

  2. So, I went ahead and picked up Christian Louboutin Rouge from Saks on Sunday. Sigh, it is rather magical!