Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Zoya & Zang Toi AW 2014 Trio: Swatches & Reviews

Zoya Zang Toi AW 2014 nail polish trio

In Zoya's six season working with designer Zang Toi, for AW 2014, two nail looks were seen on the models. Some of the models wore a new brilliant green nail polish created specifically for the show (Peony Princess) with a black half moon and others wore a dazzling three-dimensional look created with large black glitter on black polish (Art Deco Goddess). Shanghainese Songstress (the burgundy) wasn't worn on the runway but was included in the gift bag. While backstage before the show, I was lucky enough to receive a gift bag! I know many of you are excited about the new color Peony Princess so let's take a look!

Peony Princess

Peony Princess is a glowing green with a slightly metallic green shimmer created specifically for Zang Toi's AW 14 collection. It's a slightly yellow green (more emerald than jade) but not so much to make it a spring green and while it isn't neon, this color isn't for a shy gal - your friends and coworkers WILL be looking at your nails! The formula is semi-sheer. I only used two coats and coverage on my pointer finger it isn't quite opaque. Brush strokes are minimal and not troublesome if you apply this polish in straight lines.

Zoya Peony Princess

Zoya Peony Princess bottle

Peony Princess isn't available to purchase at this time, but Zoya's color expert Rebecca Isa could tell me pretty confidently that "you will be seeing this green again!" I wonder what collection we will see it in?

Art-Deco Goddess

Art-Deco Goddess is a black nail polish with charcoal shimmer. I this polish is Raven, but I don't actually have Raven to compare it to. I was actually a little disappointed with the formula - it was more sheer than I expected for such a dark polish - but I was satisfied with the opacity after two coats. Raven is in stock at Zoya.com and retails for $9.

Zoya Art-Deco Goddess

Shanghainese Songstress

Shanghainese Songstress is a rich & deep shimmering garnet. The formula is thick but not sticky and very easy to apply. While this polish wasn't worn on the runway, the color was seen in Zang Toi's collection. I can say very confidently that this polish is Blair. I even swatched it comparison-style to confirm: I'm wearing Blair on my middle and pinky fingers and Shanghainese Songstress on my pointer and ring fingers. I'm wearing two coats. Blair is in stock at Zoya.com and retails for $9. I highly recommend this polish!

Zoya Shanghainese Songstress

What do you think of these polishes? Will you be watching for the release of Peony Princess?


  1. I love Peony Princess on you!! Really pretty green!!

    1. It's so fun and a great addition to Zoya's line up!

  2. Replies
    1. It's not a spring green, but still makes me think of spring :) With all this greyness, it's a nice shot of color lol

  3. Peony Princess is pretty, but I could swear I've seen something very similar before - I want to say Sinful Colors' San Francisco, although the latter might be a touch more yellow.

    I have Blair and love it - beautiful red.

    1. The color I thought of is Cult Nails Deal With It, but that's more of a yellow/"slime" green, if that makes sense lol

  4. Any tips where I could find china glaze from Manhattan next week? I checked your Where to shop brand by brand- map and it's great but I just wanted to ask if you knew where I would certainly find china glaze. Not really excited to run through all those shops :)

    1. Hi Evelyn, I would say Ulta in Queens would be your best bet!

  5. That last one is just....OMG!!