Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekend Shopping: butter LONDON's Royal Baby Polish, Last Day of Zoya's Earth Day Exchange, Deborah Lippmann's Newest Mermaid Polishes, and more!

Happy weekend everyone! Do you have anything fun planned? It's the last weekend of the Tribeca Film Festival so we're hoping to catch a couple movies films. The cherry blossom festival "Sakura Matsuri" is also happening tomorrow and Sunday at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

As usual... there are lots of new things to talk about this weekend :)

We probably should have seen this coming - butter LONDON has released a new limited edition polish to honor the royal baby! Pitter Patter is "an opaque aubergine shimmer" and available now online.

It's the final day of Zoya's Earth Day Nail Polish Exchange*.

FIVE new multichrome holographic polishes from Pretty Jelly are available now on Etsy.

Now there's a polish for every kind of mermaid thanks to Deborah Lippmann's newest collection*.

Clinique has launched a new line of nail polish* that is designed for gals (and guys!) with sensitive skin and eyes.

There's another new indie nail polish brand to fall in love with! Check out Me.Lissa Custom Blended Nail Lacquer on Etsy.

Dig out your black light: Illamasqua's new Paranormal UV nail polish collection will be available on April 30th.

Did you hear about the guy who stole 102 bottles of nail polish from a CVS?

And more importantly... has anyone seen Essence at a Walgreens in NYC yet?

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

butter LONDON Summer Holiday Collection: Poole, Bit Faker, and Sunbaker

butter LONDON Summer Holiday Collection
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"Fashionistas and designers alike are embracing texture clashes. The Summer Holiday collection includes trending textures, perfect for mixing and matching." -Katie Hughes, Global Colour Ambassador

The nail polishes in butter LONDON's Summer Holiday collection so perfectly capture the feeling of summer through colors that are sure to evoke memories of Junes, Julys, and Augusts of years past. Of the three polishes I have to share with you, there's a swimming pool blue, a sparkly campfire embers brown, and metallic burnt orange like the low, late-afternoon, hot August sun. Ah is is summer yet?


A robin’s egg blue crème inspired by this seaside resort town in high summer.

Poole is a Tiffany blue cream polish. The formula is thin yet very opaque. Do be careful of "pooling" with Poole and apply thin coats. Two thin coats was all I needed for an opaque manicure = win! This color blue is certainly not unique - China Glaze For Audrey is terribly close. Upon very close inspection, Poole is slightly dustier/greyer than For Audrey. I was never crazy about the formula of For Audrey though, so I'm happy with Poole because I love wearing this color!

butter LONDON Poole

Bit Faker

A full coverage bronze glitter that was inspired by the tan from a can.

Bit Faker is a mix of copper, gold, and tiny black glitter. How incredible is this polish - I am so in love! Doesn't it remind you of a campfire? I wasn't sure what to expect formula-wise, but wow this is a densely packed glitter. I only needed (2) coats for full coverage. Bit Faker feels thick and gritty so have your favorite glitter smoothing top coat ready (I used Gelous and Seche Vite).

butter LONDON Bit Faker

Using an eyeshadow sponge applicator, I added Bit Faker over Poole to create this glitter gradient effect. Because the glitter in Bit Faker is so dense, it is the perfect polish for this look.

butter LONDON Poole and Bit Faker glitter gradient


This rust orange shimmer is named for a sun slave whose skin had taken an odd and unnatural tone.

Sunbaker is a metallic burnt orange with shimmery flecks. It has a great formula and I didn't see any streaking, which is impressive for a metallic polish. I only needed (2) thin coats. This color reminds me of summer afternoons at the beach when the water turns orange as the sun sets <3

butter LONDON Sunbaker

Also in the Summer Holiday collection are the polishes Bobby Dazzler (opaque silver chrome), Champers (rose gold shimmer), and Marbs (yellow-gold).

Do these colors bring back any summer memories for you?

butter LONDON polishes retail for $15. In New York City, my favorite retailers of butter LONDON products are C.O. Bigelow, Ricky's, and Henri Bendel. Here is a list of retailers in New York City that carry butter LONDON nail polish. Buy online at, Nordstrom*, and Zappos*.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Zoya Summer PixieDust Textured Nail Polishes - Swatches & Reviews

Zoya Summer PixieDust Textured Nail Polishes - Swatches & Reviews
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Just in time for summer 2013 from Zoya: "The color experts at Zoya went back to the lab and created six more beautiful, long-wearing textured, matte and sparkling Zoya PixieDust Colors!" These newest PixieDust polishes are brighter and bolder than the original colors and three of the six introduce a new metallic sparkle element.

If you're new to PixieDust polishes, here's what Zoya suggests with regards to application:

IMPORTANT PixieDust Application Information - Do not use a base coat or top coat. Apply 1-3 (for full coverage) thin coats of polish. Allow product to dry down completely matte in between layers for full textured effect. The PixieDust textured formula may take up to 10 minutes to dry completely matte. Once dry, the textured finish is long lasting, matte and ultra-glittery! [source*]


Destiny is a bright melony-coral with golden sparkle that makes this polish look like it's actually glowing. Destiny incorporates the new metallic sparkle and wow, is it awesome! You can see these golden flecks clinging to the side of the bottle and in real life they are much more visible on the nail. Two thin coats was all I needed for full coverage. This color really seems to be the "it" color to have in textured polish this summer - I do think it needs to be acknowledged that OPI Jinx and Jesse's Girl Sugar Rush are terribly close and possibly dupes. Carol of Colores de Carol compared the three here.

Zoya Destiny

Zoya Destiny


Beatrix is a summery tangerine with the golden metallic sparkle. This polish is going to look even better once I get some color on my pale fingers! If you look closely, you'll see there is some color variation in the orange and the textured finish really enhances this. You may have seen me posing endearingly on Instagram holding a Cheeto while wearing Beatrix... yep I went there. Now that you won't be able to get the Cheeto reference out of your head, let me assure you that this is the classiest representation of a Cheeto as a nail polish. I wore (3) coats for full coverage.

Zoya Beatrix

Zoya Beatrix


Solange is so bright and sunny! This brilliant golden yellow polish is also infused with golden metallic sparkle ("the new stuff"). In real life, this polish looks even more electric as it reflects any kind of light (even in low light). I only needed (2) coats for full coverage.

Zoya Solange

Zoya Solange


Miranda is a rose pink with silvery pink shimmer. She's not neon and not pastel, but also not overly saturated. While not the brightest color of the bunch, Miranda complemented my skin tone quite nicely. This one was almost opaque in (2) coats, but I used (3).

Zoya Miranda

Zoya Miranda


Stevie is a pastel purple with the same silver shimmer the original PixieDust collection introduced. Stevie is lovely but as part of this summer collection I wish she was a tad more saturated. I used (3) coats for full opacity.

Zoya Stevie

Zoya Stevie


Liberty is a bold cerulean blue with blue sparkle. This polish is pure magic. I think what makes me love Liberty so much is also why I adore Chyna - the sparkle matches the base color. Liberty only needed (2) coats but took a little longer to Pixie-ify on me for some reason. I was expecting a big Smurfy mess with removal, but luckily it wasn't bad at all. Bonus - this is going to make such an excellent pedicure color.

Zoya Liberty

Zoya Liberty

In my original PixieDust review, I wrote about removal, the tight-ripping myth, and the textured trend - if you have questions about PixieDust, check it out, but of course feel free to leave your questions in the comments!

I'm so impressed with the PixieDust 2.0 collection and the new metallic sparkle used in Beatrix, Destiny, and Solange. Now that we're heading into the second wave of textured nail polish collections, how are you feeling about this trend?

Zoya PixieDust nail polishes retail for $9.00 and the collection is available online*. In New York City, Zoya can be purchased at several locations including Gideon's Drugs (1385 Broadway, corner of 38th St) and Ulta in the Rego Park Center. The PixieDust polishes should be in stock soon. See the full list of retailers here.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Send Your Nails on a Beach Vacation with Essie "In the Cab-Ana"

Magen's Bay, Saint Thomas

Maybe I just have too much nail polish, but lately I feel like I already have polishes that look like dupes of the "newest" colors from Essie. And oddly enough, they are usually by Essie. From the Resort 2013 collection, I felt that Olé Caliente was close enough so I could pass on Come Here! I also have Turquoise & Caicos so I skipped First Timer (I'm probably wrong about that). But there was one color in Essie's Resort 2013 that I simply had to have (and probably because I don't already have Where's My Chauffeur): In the Cab-Ana!

In the Cab-Ana is an electric aqua blue cream. This color is so intense that it's almost neon. Think Caribbean water blue - erm, one of the many shades of Caribbean water ;) The formula was OK for Essie... unfortunately, that means bad by any other standards. It was thick, goopy, and if I wasn't careful, I ended up with streaks. The polish flowed off the brush way too thick but when I tried to apply less, I ended up with streaks. I've found that the quality of Essie polishes has been too inconsistent so unless I can't live without the color (aka this blue), I will pass. The pigmentation, however, was quite good.

Despite the bad formula, this polish wore incredibly well. Three days after applying In the Cab-Ana I had just the slightest tip wear - I actually had to inspect my tips to find it. I took it off just because I was ready for a new color! I used Nail Girls Super Base base coat for the first time (which I received for review - read my full disclosure policy here), I wonder if that contributed to the great wear time?

Bad formula aside, In the Cab-Ana will probably make my list of favorite colors of 2013.

Essie polishes can be easily located around NYC (shopping map) for around $8. I usually find the latest collections at Ricky's and Bed Bath & Beyond. Online, Essie can be purchased at Nordstrom for free shipping - link!*

UPDATE June 27, 2013: I know I said the formula isn't great. But I wanted to update this post because I've worn this polish now three times, for at least (4) days at a time, and when I take it off, I want to put it on again. I also wore it as a pedicure. So while the formula isn't great, it hasn't been stopping me from reaching for this polish over and over again. I am just that obsessed with this color blue ;)

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Indie Glitter Goodness from New Nail Polish Brand "Sparkle Factor Lacquer"

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I'm so excited to share six of the many sparkly polishes from new indie nail polish brand Sparkle Factor Lacquer with you today! While you may be stumbling over saying the name out loud - try it! - these glitters are so much fun and sure to add a lot of sparkle to your nails.

Creator Betsy assigns each of her polishes with "The Sparkle Factor" and "The Glitter Intensity". "The Sparkle Factor" indicates, well, how sparkly the polish is and "The Glitter Intensity" rates the opacity.

I'll talk about the individuals formulas below, but like many glitter polishes, these dried gritty. I am not wearing a top coat in theses swatches but recommend using Gelous or your favorite glitter smoothing top coat.


There is so much awesome happening in Spotted! Shapes I could "spot" are purple and blue holographic hexagons and squares, small purple, silver, and blue holographic bar glitters, black square matte glitter, and tiny holographic glitter. Phew! All pieces came out easily, however, I found that they had a tendency to clump up on the brush. I think this have happened because the base coat was a little thick but I was able to spread the pieces out easily over my nail. One coat gives a good amount of pieces, but I used (2) to fill in some places that were lacking sparkle. I'm wearing Spotted over Essie In the Cab-Ana.

Sparkle Factor: 4
Glitter Intensity: 4


Whimsical is a combination of purple, blue, and silver holographic hexagons and squares and tiny purple glitter. This is a really great mix of glitter shapes and colors! Whimsical applies very dense but quite evenly - I only needed to do a little bit of rearranging on my nails to push the pieces to the edges. Below I am wearing (1) coat over Wet & Wild Black Creme.

Sparkle Factor: 2
Glitter Intensity: 4

Neon Lights

Neon Lights is so perfectly named! Instead of trying to identify all the pieces myself, I'll give you Betsy's description: contains matte neon green, neon hot pink, neon orange fibers, neon yellow, neon blue, and silver hologram glitters. I had to do a little digging to get the pieces out, but it wasn't too tough. I think the little bottles would benefit from a ball though, to get the glitter away from the sides. I'm wearing (2) coats of Neon Lights over Wet & Wild Black Creme. I noticed that Neon Lights is sold out at the moment, but I saw two other neons (Pistol Packing Pink and Skyler) that look like great alternatives in the meantime.

Sparkle Factor: 3
Glitter Intensity: 3

Sparkly Exterior

Sparkly Exterior is amazing. There are so many pieces in here - lavender and silver holographic squares and hexagons, smaller blue hexagons, and small black matte glitter. Sparkly Exterior has the best base coat formula of the Sparkle Factor Lacquers I tried and all pieces came out easily. Below I'm wearing one coat over Wet & Wild Black Creme. Doesn't this look galactic?

According to the Etsy description, Sparkly Exterior is Betsy's first and favorite homemade lacquer thus far :)

Sparkle Factor: 5
Glitter Intensity: 4

Purple Haze

Purple glitter lovers this one is for you! Purple Haze contains (18) different shapes and sizes of glitter in fuchsia, purple, gunmetal, lavender, grape, eggplant, plum, and black. My eye can pick out hexagons, squares, and small bar shapes. These pieces are suspended in a purple jelly base. This polish has a great formula and applied very evenly. Below I'm wearing one coat of Purple Haze of Wet & Wild Black Creme.

Sparkle Factor: 2
Glitter Intensity: 4


Twisted is made up of silver, orange, black and blue squares, purple hexagons, and small holographic silver glitter. I'm wearing (1) coat of Twisted over OCC Wasabi. All pieces came out well however the clear base felt a little thick. Isn't this a fun combo of colors?

Sparkle Factor: 4
Glitter Intensity: 4

It's clear that Betsy has put a lot of sparkly love into these polishes and the Sparkle Factor Lacquer line! I think she has a great eye for color and shape combinations. If you crave unique indie-style glitters, there are dozens to choose from.

Sparkle Factor Lacquer polishes retail for between $10 - $10.50 for full sized bottles (15ml) and $5 - $5.50 for mini bottles (5ml) and are available on Etsy - link! In case you're looking for a very specific glitter, Betsy also has a listing for a custom polish for $12. Follow Sparkle Factor Lacquer on Facebook for all the latest.

Oh - and I'd love to know what silly words came out of your mouth when you tried to say "Sparkle Factor Lacquer" the first time (mine were "Sparkle Flacker Lacktor"!)

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekend Shopping: Estée Lauder "Mad Men" Nail Polish, Fix Beauty Bar, the Latest from NARS, Yves Saint Laurent, and Ciaté, and More!

Storm King Mountain seen from Breakneck Ridge - it's a really excellent trail about an hour and a half north of the city

Happy Friday and happy weekend to you all! This week was challenging (to put it mildly), but it feels like spring in NYC at last and I'm looking forward to spending many upcoming weekends outside.

There are lots of new things to talk about this weekend :)

The Estée Lauder "Mad Men" nail polish is so cute! But the reviews* aren't so great...

Pierre Hardy + NARS = shoe-inspired nail polish collection

Yves Saint Laurent has created tie-dye nail polish.

...and Ciaté created a chalkboard manicure kit.

Swatches of Rescue Beauty Lounge's latest collection "Emoting Me" have hit the internet! See them here, here, here, here, and here.

From Walmart to Bergdorfs, Essie nail polish is probably the only product you'll find sold at both.

Can you believe this polish is being discontinued?

Thought Manicube was cool? Fix Beauty Bar brings manicures and blowouts to your office.

What's on your weekend shopping list?

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Here's why you need to stop what you're doing and buy Nfu Oh 51 right now

This just in from FabulouStreet, US retailer of Nfu Oh products:

We have got confirmation from Nfu Oh headquarter that Opal Glitter Series (Flakies #37-60) has been discontinued. The current series will be replace by a new set of colors. Nfu Oh has yet to confirm the replacement color or if any current color will remain in the future product line. We will keep everyone updated as soon as we can.

Here's what they have left:

Remain in stock: Nfu Oh #: 37, 39, 40, 41, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 51, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59
Discontinued with no stock: Nfu Oh #: 38, 49, 50, 52, 60

WHOA what now?! Nfu Oh flakies are being discontinued??? The bright side to this is that a.) FabulouStreet has some left still and b.) hopefully the new colors will be just as amazing.

I had intended on posting a more comprehensive review of Nfu Oh 51 showing you what it looks like layered over every color imaginable, but with this news, I didn't want to delay sharing this beautiful polish with you. If you fall in love with it, you can still buy if before it sells out :)

Nfu Oh 51 is a multi-chrome flaky polish in a purple jelly base. The flakies are medium sized and flash every color between purple to orange to green. There is shimmer throughout with the same multi-chrome color shift. 51 is easy to apply - you can wear it alone (3-4 coats for full opacity) or layer it over another polish.

In the photos below, I am wearing (1) coat of Nfu Oh 51 over Zoya Valerie.

Nfu Oh Opal Glitter Series (aka the flakies) retail for $12.50 each - link! What is left in stock has been reduced to $11.25. Follow FabulouStreet on Facebook and Twitter for updates and new product information.

What are you waiting for :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

OCC "Sci-Fi Lullabies" Lip Tar Swatches

Product(s) in this post were provided for review. Read my disclosure policy here.

Introducing OCC's 'Sci-Fi Lullabies', our newest colour collection for Spring 2013! Spring has always been a time for transformation, and this season we explore the dichotomy between two realities: what is truth and what is fantasy. Showcased alongside Ready-To-Wear shades are fantasias of Couture Colors designed to transport you to your idyllic makeup designation. Make on-lookers question if you are human...or more human than human!.

When Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics opened it's Ludlow Street flagship, I was giddy with excitement to finally buy my first Lip Tar :) If you haven't tried them yet, Lip Tars are super-saturated liquid lip products that pack a ton of color with just the smallest amount of product and last for hours. OCC recently launched the Sci-Fi Lullabies collection and expanded their Lip Tar line with six new colors! While I don't often stray from nail polish here on Gotham Polish, I think these are fabulous and wanted to share them with you - please be kind, these are my first "lip swatches" ;)

I applied a tiny amount of product with a small lip brush and used Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm (the peppermint one) as my "base".


Pris looks like a chalky nude in the tube. On the lips, it's not 100% opaque so a little bit of your natural lip color shows through. There is a touch a sparkle in Pris - it's not glitter, it looks more like metallic flecks of silver. I'm really excited about using Pris to blend with other Lip Tars!


Zhora is a peachy melon. This one is more opaque than Pris but I wouldn't call it full coverage. This isn't an "everyday" kind of color for me, but it's still very wearable.


Annika is a good, solid melon color. Annika does not have any of the shimmery flecks in it and goes on amazingly smooth. This one has the best coverage! I've been wearing Annika to work recently :)


Hey there, cool toned hot pink! Lovecraft is awesome and has the same metallic flecks as Pris. I've been mixing Lovecraft with Pris to make it more wearable for work. Simply love this one!


Batty is a metallic black Lip Tar. It's not 100% opaque but is still very unforgiving to apply - be sure to color inside the lines with this one! Batty has metallic flecks, but for some reason they separated in the tube so I didn't get many on my lips. Batty felt a little thinner than the others and bled a little around the edges of my lips (or maybe I just noticed it because it's so dark!) While I probably won't be wearing Batty alone any time soon, it's great to use to darken another Lip Tar.

OCC Lip Tars retail for $18 and are available at their 174 Ludlow St Flagship, online, and at Sephora.

Have you tried OCC's Lip Tars? Do you have any application tips?

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Summery Polishes from étoile: "Greenwich St. Soirée" Collection

Refreshing cocktails, cobblestones cafes, cheerfully colored accessories - these are just a few of the things that make spring so sweet. Inspired by New York City's West Village, our latest collection, Greenwich St. Soirée, includes Fizzy Cucumber, a fresh mint green, and Pink Panache, a bold hot pink. Both infused with our signature ingredient: genuine diamond dust.

While the West Village is possibly the most confusing neighborhood in Manhattan to navigate, in the summer, it's one of the best places to get lost. Unique shops, adorable brownstones, and tasty treats can be found on each street (and are sometimes hard to find again!) Inspired by the West Village, the newest polishes from étoile are both summery and sugary sweet - perfect to wear for days of careless wandering.

Product(s) in this post were provided for review. Read my disclosure policy here.

Fizzy Cucumber

Fizzy Cucumber is a pastel mint green nail polish with diamonds in it. Do you need to know anything else? ;) I think this may be my favorite étoile polish to date. The diamond dust shimmer is really visible and in this polish it reminds me of the flecks in a glow in the dark polish. I used (3) coats for full opacity. This hue of mint green kind of totally reminds me of toothpaste. PS - isn't Fizzy Cucumber a fantastic name?

Pink Panache

Pink Panache is a very "pink" pink with cool undertones. This polish has a FANTASTIC formula and intense pigmentation. Pink Panache is just about a one coater but I used 2.

étoile polishes retail for $18, but you can purchase Fizzy Cucumber and Pink Panache together for $26. étoile polishes are formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) free, and made in the USA. Shop online:

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekend Shopping: butter LONDON's Summer Polishes, Pre-Order Cult Nails' Spring Collection, Bloomingdale's Friends & Family Sale, and more!

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow my boyfriend is running in the Scotland Run in Central Park and then we want to see Jurassic Park in 3D! We both remember when it came out but weren't allowed to see it in the theater because we were too young (even though some of our friends totally got to see it!!!)

There is lots to shop for this weekend :)

It may be cold still, but looking at butter LONDON's new summer collection has me craving the sun and sand!

Cult Nails' spring collection "In The Garden" is available for pre-sale at the special price of $40 for the set now through April 7th.

Remember these colorful holos by Liz aka Liquid Jelly? Liz has added even more holographic polishes to her Pretty Jelly line and they are available on her Etsy now! I've never seen a grey holo like Dream Cloud before.

Ricky's has added PATRICIA nail lacquer to it's ever-growing offering of nail polishes.

It's time for Bloomingdale's Friends & Family Sale! While cosmetics aren't included, it's a great time to pick up some items on your wishlist. I've got my eye on this watch :)

INGLOT expands Nail Enamels and adds 10 new spring pastel colors to their already extensive line of over 240 shades.

What's on your weekend shopping list?

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