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Top 5 Fall 2013 Nail Polish Trends

Top 5 Fall 2013 Nail Polish Trends
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I’ll admit, the fall 2013 season is the first season I struggled to pin down five concrete nail polish trends. Why? I think it’s because right now in nail polish, anything goes! If I were to name just two fall 2013 nail polish trends, it would be these: 1. metallic jewel tones and 2. anything goes. We're seeing nail polish in all shades, finishes, and textures this fall! But after digging deeper and looking to color trends in fashion and accessories (going to Bloomingdale's is research, after all), I am quite pleased and confident with the picks below :)

I selected five nail polish trends I think are standouts this season. For each trend, I'll share a polish in my collection and list some more options along with information about where you can find them. I've also created a Fall 2013 Nail Polish Trends board on Pinterest :)

Furry/Fuzzy/Feather Top Coats

Top coats with tiny bar glitter are making a tiny splash in the nail polish world. While this is probably a passing trend, there's certainly no ignoring that it's happening right now. The furry/fuzzy/feather top coat is my pick for the number five nail polish trend this season.

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat
Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat (shown in Wool Knot over Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Wet Cement), $5.99 from Ulta

Born Pretty Store Feather Glitter Nail Polish, $3.99 from Born Pretty Store
China Glaze On the Horizon collection, $3.75 from
Lacquerhead Polish Flamingo Farts, $8 from Etsy
Nails Inc Feather Effects, $9.50 from Macy's*

Dark Metallic Charcoal

Nail polish with a metallic finish is a clear trend right now and the dark, cool toned metals are the common thread found in many of the latest collections. Dark metallic charcoal is my pick for the number four fall 2013 nail polish trend.

butter LONDON Chimney Sweep
butter LONDON Chimney Sweep, $15 from Ricky's NYC

A England Fated Prince, $10 from llarowe
China Glaze Kiss My Glass, $7.50 from Ulta
Illamasqua Snap, $17 from Sephora
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Gone Grey, $2.39 from Ulta
Sephora Collection Blackjack, $5 from Sephora*
Sinful Colors Silver Screen, $1.99 from Walgreens
Zoya Claudine, $8 from

Color Chameleons

Color shifting polish is nothing new but it is getting a lot of attention this fall, in part due to the release of the OPI/Essie dupe Peace & Love & OPI and For the Twill of It respectively, and also from colorful accessories seen on the February runways at NYFW (like this bag that I need in my life right now). Duochrome polish also has a somewhat metallic effect which complements trend number four nicely - how about that! While that Rebecca Minkoff bag may never make it into my closet, color shifting polish is easy to find and my pick for the number three fall nail polish trend this year.

Cirque Epoch
Cirque Epoch, $13 from Cirque

butter LONDON Knackered, $15 from Ricky's NYC
Chameleon Blue Sky, $2.99 from Rite Aide
Deborah Lippmann Wicked Games, $17 from Neiman Marcus*
Essence Where is the Party? $0.99 from Ulta
Essie For the Twill of It, $8 from Ricky's NYC
GOSH Purple Heart, $7.50 from Duane Reade
I Love Nail Polish Birefringence, $12.50 from
Julep Blakely, $14 from
OPI Peace & Love & OPI, $8.50 from Duane Reade
Savina Black Pearl, $3.97 from Nordstrom Rack
Wet & Wild Gray's Anatomy, $1.99 from Walgreen's

Metallic Emerald

Pantone's Color of the Year has finally taken off in nail polish for the fall season. In the past, jewel toned metallics have appeared more often in the winter collections but this fall, many brands have included a rich emerald in their fall collections (along with other jewel toned colors). Metallic emerald has earned the number two fall 2013 nail polish trend spot.

Zoya Giovanna
Zoya Giovanna, $8 from

butter LONDON Thames, $15 from Ricky's NYC
China Glaze Tongue & Chic, $7.50 from Ulta
Cirque Erda, $13 from Cirque
Deborah Lippmann Laughin' To The Bank, $17 from Bloomingdale's*
Illamasqua Viridian, $17 from Bloomingdale's
Marc Jacobs Sally, $18 from Sephora*
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Jet Set Jade, $2.39 from Ulta

Navy Blue

Leading the fall 2013 nail polish trends is navy blue and this season, it's everywhere and in every finish - cream, metallic, and especially textured. I actually almost made navy blue texture a trend of it's own :) Prediction: navy blue is this year's oxblood and the number one fall nail polish trend!

OPI DS Lapis
OPI DS Lapis, $12.50 from Ricky's NYC

aEngland Tristam, $10 from llarowe
butter LONDON Royal Navy, $15 from Ricky's NYC
Chanel Blue Satin, $27 from Nordstrom*
China Glaze Scandalous Shenanigans, $7.50 from Ulta
China Glaze First Mate, $7.50 from Ulta
Dior Blue Label, $24 from Nordstrom*
Essie After School Boy Blazer, $8, from Ricky's NYC
NARS 413 BLKR, $19 from NARS Cosmetics
OPI Incognito in Sausalito, $8.50 from Ricky's NYC
Revlon Urban, $4.99 from Ulta
Sally Hansen Insa-Dri Quick Jean-ius, $2.39 from Ulta
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nightwatch, $8 from Duane Reade
Sephora Collection My Favorite Jeans, $5 from Sephora*
Zoya Neve, $8 from
Zoya Sailor, $8 from

Nails Inc Denim Effect, $23 from Sephora (part of the "Bling It On Denim and Studs" set)
OPI Alcatraz Rocks, $8.50 from Ricky's NYC
Sally Hansen Laughie Taffy, $5.99 from Ulta
Zoya Sunshine, $9 from

So there you have it! If I could add three more colors to the fall 2013 palette, it would be metallic magenta, hunter green, and brick red. Check out the fall nail polish trends Pinterest board for more swatches!

What's your favorite nail polish trend this fall?

Product(s) in this post were provided for review. *Denotes an affiliate link. Read my disclosure policy here.


  1. Replies
    1. Isn't it? It's SO hard to photograph lol!

  2. i couldnt agree more with blue being #1 - im loving all the blue i'm seeing!

  3. Awesome post :)
    I love most of these, but I'm still not a fan of the fuzzy/feathery polish, haha

    1. Oh girl, neither am it... but... it's certainly a trend :)

  4. Replies
    1. Yes! DS Lapis (as well as DS Pewter) are a different take on texture, but still really interesting.

  5. These are really pretty except fuzzy polish!

    1. Haha I'm not down with the fuzzy coats either ;)

  6. Anything goes is right! I feel like there's been a kind of underground trend of offbeat yellow greens this past year that has become more prolific during the fall, mostly in thanks to Butter London... Wellies and Jaded jack, specifically, but also NOPI Sweet on Pete. This one is a hard season to define. I adore Giovanna. ♥♥

    1. Funny you should mention those yellow/greens... I was VERY close to putting them on the list! The reason I didn't is because it seems every season, someone puts out a chartreuse color, but I feel like it still hasn't really caught on... remember OPI Shrek or Fiercely Fiona, or that one by Nicki Minaj? I personally love that kind of yellow/green, but I think eventually there will be a season where it REALLY takes off still! IMHO, of course :)