Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sorry, Google Reader, but I've moved on (and it's not to Bloglovin')

They say that breaking up is hard to do.

So Google Reader is going away on July 1st, and up until recently, I was basically in denial. I've had Bloglovin' for a while, but I just haven't been able to get into it (I like seeing posts in full and not as a preview).

To me, the thought of backing up my beloved list of blogs & moving over to a new reader was as daunting a task as backing up the files on my computer. And I should know better, as I lost a hard drive once and tearfully dragged it's soul-less carcass to a Best Buy only to hear that there was nothing more they could do for it...

As July 1st is, um, Monday, I realized it's time to either embrace Bloglovin' or find another reader. Or lose my list of blogs, but let's take that option off the table right now. Like backing up your files, you should really just get it over with: save your reading list and then not have to think about it ever again.

Let's start here:

Did you do it? YAY! Now you can do whatever you want with your blogs later - you know, in case something new and amazing comes out. You will be ready!

The next step is to find your list of blogs a new home :)

One reader that has been getting a lot of attention lately is Bloglovin', and importing your blogs is crazy easy:

If Bloglovin' is your thing, read no further and enjoy! But... I found something even better: Feedly. It's a lot like Google Reader but overall runs smoother. There are more options for viewing blogs. And organizing your blogs into folders could not be easier. The Feedly app is also super sleek looking. To get started, you just permit Feedly to see your Reader blogs and Feedly does the rest (no need to involve the 'takeout' file you made - but I'd do it before July 1st, to be safe).

And Feedly is just one option - there are more readers out there that you may like even better.

What's your preferred reader of choice these days?

PS - has anyone figured out Fauxbook Google Plus yet?


  1. Tell me something-like you, I've still been using google reader hoping they;ll change their minds. I have already imported over to Feedly-but when I try to leave comments on blogs via feedly, they don't show up IRL. Have you had that issue? I told Feedly about it-they claim they would look into it. I was on my IPAD when it was happening since that's what I use to read them. If I can't comment, that'll make me sad. Why oh why did this have to change??????

    1. Hi Fingers, I didn't know there was an option to leave a comment without going directly to the website, I always just click through to the site and leave a comment directly there! Maybe it's because there are many different comment systems? Were you able to leave comments through Google Reader without going to the page?

  2. Did you know that if you click on a blog post in Bloglovin it opens in a new window to see the full blog post and then you just click the toolbar at the top to go to the next one? I personally love it because I see the full posts AND the blog itself gets the pageview (which doesnt mean anything as a READER, but alot as a BLOGGER). I looked at Feedly too and I liked the look of it, but I prefer a reader where I can visit the actual blog and comment as I go and not just a feed I have to click to again if I want to comment. If feedly could make next buttons like you could rig up for Google Reader I would probably switch though!

    1. Great to hear from you, and great points! Yes sorry I should clarify a little :) I personally like to see the full post in the reader, without having to go to the site - for one, it takes longer to load and I want to see content, and fast :)

      As a blogger, I agree with you that you want people to see your site. But think about it this way - your site is so important because it's often the first impression a new reader gets. Your design is going to grab a reader's attention for sure but when it comes down to it, they are going to want to subscribe to your feed if you post and keep posting good content. And if someone likes what I'm posting and wants to add me to their feed and see more, I'm a happy blogger:)

      As far as leaving comments, I just click through to the page to comment!

      About the next button - TOTALLY agree with you there. But, I can just 'page down' quickly enough that it's not a deal breaker :)

    2. Yeah its all personal preference...and while I do miss the awesome that was Google Reader and I did like what I saw from Feedly when I checked it out, I still prefer reading the over 1000 blogs I follow the old fashioned way. I could probably take a lesson from you in the getting it fast department, I wonder how many hours of my life I have spent clicking that next button!

  3. I'm using Feedly as well, and really like it! I'm so glad to read this post because I thought surely I was missing something important about Bloglovin since until now it was all I ever saw anyone blogging about!

    1. I've read a great deal about Bloglovin too, that's kind of what inspired me to write about it because it wasn't working for me and there ARE other options out there :)