Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nail Polish with Real Diamond Dust by étoile! Winter in Central Park Collection

In case you thought it wasn't possible to find a more exquisite nail polish ingredient than real gold, think again. New York City based nail polish company étoile infuses it's polishes with real diamond dust:
We love little luxuries. Oh, you know – the ones that make you sparkle on the inside and out. They can instantly transform the dullest of days and can make a special occasion even more fabulous. They’re your cozy cashmere scarf, that gold glitter clutch you nabbed on sale, and the bouquet of perfectly pink peonies that you bought for yourself just because. For étoile founder Erin Farber, that little luxury is nail polish. Having lived in Europe for several years, she noticed that women tended to get fewer manicures than in her hometown of New York; but when they did, they treated them as something truly special – to be savored and never rushed. (source)
Could there be anything more indulgent and fabulous to adorn your nails with than diamond dust? Please do leave your favorite Arrested Development diamond cream quotes in the comments :) In addition to diamonds and being a NYC-based brand, I love the elegant simplicity of the bottle design and the diamond image.

Three polishes make up the Winter in Central Park collection: Asscher, a dazzling sheer creamy white, Frosted Berry, a vivid glistening magenta, and Reservoir, a shimmering grey-blue.


Asscher is the sheerest polish in the collection but also the most "blingy". The color is milky white. Coverage is excellent - though sheer, you could wear just one coat and look shimmering and polished. Oh, and the name? "Asscher" refers to a cut of diamond - how fitting! I wore (3) coats below.

Frosted Berry

Frosted Berry is an intensely pigmented berry pink-magenta. My photograph captured the red hues strongly, but in real life you would see more of the purple hues. I was able to adjust the color in the first picture of this post to better show the purple. Frosted Berry applied like a dream over butter LONDON Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat and is almost a (1) coater (I wore 2). This polish really glistens and the diamond dust shimmer doesn't get buried beneath the color. I wore Frosted Berry for (4) days with an acceptable amount of tip wear. The swatch below was actually taken at the end of day (2). While accurate, I wish this polish's name was more "New York".


Reservoir is a grey-blue shade with a glistening finish. I love the inspiration behind this polish - the Central Park Reservoir is this same hue of desaturated blue in the winter months. The application was great and I used (2) coats.

You can see the shimmer in these bottle shots. While it doesn't transfer to the nail quite as intensely, you can better see how the diamond dust adds a glistening effect.

The Winter in Central Park collection is a great winter selection of polishes and I adore the New York theme. With the diamond dust touch, wearing étoile polishes sure makes my nails feel elegant.

Priced at $18, étoile polishes are high-end but the formula is wonderful and Frosted Berry wore very well for me. If you're looking for a special occasion polish (like a wedding), an étoile polish would be a great pick. The color selection is very girly and the pale pinks would make the perfect gift for bridesmaids.

étoile polishes retail for $18, are formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) free, and made in the USA. Shop online:

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  1. They are cute but I think products with diamond dust/gemstone dust/silver/gold dust, etc... are a little gimmicky! It makes the price go up and I can't say as thought the shimmer looks more spectacular than anything synthetic. Still, I'm glad to hear that the formulas were good on these. =)

    1. These polishes are "high-end" for sure, but how department store polishes these days are at this price and even higher, and they don't have any extra anything in them ;)

  2. I think these all look gorgeous, but the first one is calling my name! Just my kinda polish!

    1. Asscher is so lovely, would make for a great glitter sandwich polish!

  3. Honest opinion?
    I can't believe the success of this kind of nailpolishes: putting precious materials in something you literally throw away few hours/days after having applied is one of the biggest stupid thing in cosmetic world (and out of it too).

    These nailpolishes in particular are nothing spectacular, looks like a common silvery-white shimmer and no-one would really tell it's "real diamond, OMG!1".

    This is just a stupid product declined in boring colours at a ridicously high price, and I'm saying that not even considering the hard time we're living in (don't want to sound demagogic because I'm not).

    1. Your honest opinion is very welcome! High-end polishes in general inspire a conversation and much debate. I thought with the gold top coat in particular "wow I can't believe I'm throwing gold out" when I took it off. But did I feel that when I took off one (of my huge collection of 2) Chanel polishes? Not at all, and those are even more expensive, so I was still very conflicted, but justified it that polish is for wearing and not saving! And then there is the consumer who will buy one or two high-end polishes vs the consumer who will buy many of a lower priced product (both spending the same in the end)... ahhh but I am not an economist :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this!!!

  4. I can't reply directly to your comment, sorry, don't know why, Javascript isn't working well now...

    Anyway, sure we can feel guilty the same with a Chanel or Dior nailpolish, only difference is that with luxury brands we pay their Name, that's it!
    How many times a $2 nailpolish beats a Chanel varnish? it's not about their higher quality, that's for sure.
    But we aren't wasting precious materials, they are just made with the same chemicals of any other cosmetic brand...

    Gold leaf top coats at least give nails an adorned effect, and you can tell it's gold.
    I disagree using real gold though (it's a waste!), so I appreciate the effect using a faux gold sheet...

    Instead these diamond nailpolishes are a complete rip-off in my opinion, because they don't offer anything different, or never-seen effect, why should I buy them? At $18?
    Better use diamonds in an actual piece of jewelry :D

    1. You know I've been considering changing over the Disqus... perhaps someday!

  5. These are so gorgeous!!! I'm in love with Frosted Berry and Reservoir!!

  6. I love it!

  7. I love these colors! They are on sale on Hautelook now (this entire brand) and this post makes me want to buy them even more!!

    1. YES the Hautelook deal is really good :)