Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cirque and Arms & Armory "Alter Ego" Collaboration

New York, NY (November 2012) - Just in time for the Holidays, New York-based artisans, Arms and Armory and Cirque, team up to release a unique project called Alter Ego, a special edition ring and nail polish duo.  This set will be released December 3, 2012 and can be purchased through the Arms and Armory and Cirque websites.

With the advent of style blogs that feature everything from vintage finds to carefully selected “Arm Parties” and “What’s in My Bag” photos, its no surprise that fashion and beauty go hand-in-hand. By fusing the latest trends in these industries, Arms and Armory and Cirque developed an idea that would bring back a 1990s cult trend. Alter Ego is a collaboration that features an art deco-inspired ring, designed by Arms and Armory, and a cosmic black nail lacquer, handmade by Cirque. The gunmetal-plated ring has an adjustable band that can fit a range of sizes and boasts a black enamel triangle in the center. It is paired with an untraditional black polish that displays a bold prismatic flame when exposed to direct lighting. (source)

"Black holo" are the two words that will instantly grab the attention of any nail polish lover, and for good reason. These special gems are highly sought after and are best seen in person! Annie wanted to create a truly dark black holo and she did it magnificently with Alter Ego. There is something intriguingly paradoxical about rainbow holo particles shining through a dark black polish.

The formula was on the thin side but still very dark in one coat and easy to control. I used (2) coats to get an intense black finish and cover some thinner spots. Alter Ego dries almost matte so I added a coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

The holo is revealed much better under my halogen lamp:

Photo with flash - not so flattering of my fingers. They look like a deer in headlights. But, I wanted to show you the holo with the flash :)

The Alter Ego ring by Arms & Armory is an excellent shade of pewter with the angles that give it an art deco feel like the Chrysler Building. The back is open so you can easily adjust it to fit your finger - I've been switching wearing it on my first and middle fingers. This ring complements the polish so well - I only wish the black triangle in the center was holo like the polish :) The lighting below is diffused and while you can't see the holo in the polish, you can see how dark black it is.

The Alter Ego set retails for $42.00 and can be found at: and Check out Cirque and Arms & Armory on Facebook for the latest info on where they can be found around the city.

About Cirque
Creator, Annie Pham, sought to develop nail polish colors that transcend those of conventional brands. By experimenting with unique pigments and raw materials, a distinctive handcrafted product was born. Cirque products are 3-free, which means it does not contain the toxic trio of toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate. They are also scented with lavender and clary sage essential oils to lend hands a subtle scent as the polish dries. For more information about Cirque, please contact:

About Arms and Armory
Arms and Armory is a New York-based art collective specializing in hand crafted jewelry. Inspired by old mythology, science history and magic, Arms and Armory blends the ideas of the future with styles of the past to create beautiful works of wearable art.

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  1. This is really pretty! But... why so expensive?? What's a poor blogger to do? ;_;

    1. I wholeheartedly agree. An adjustable ring can't cost that much. :/

    2. I love hearing your thoughts and opinions! I agree $42 is not inexpensive, but both brands are small independent designers and these are not mass-produced items. This set would make a great gift :) Thanks for sharing your honest feedback, ladies!

  2. Replies
    1. Such a great pairing! Nail polish and jewelry? Yes, please!

  3. Simply stunning, them both! As to the cost, I think we can all agree that we've spent far more than this on stuff we've regretted; the cost for both seems offset by the fact that both items are unique and so totally wearable!

  4. i like it, but for $42, i don't LOVE it...i feel like the ring could have at least been sterling at that price..and the holo effect could maybe be a little stronger. i do love a black holo but this reminds me of zoya's "storm", which i aready have. i like the concept a lot, (nail polish + jewelry)... really great pics, thanks for posting this!

    1. Good eye! The flecks in Storm are bigger and the holo effect isn't quite as linear. They are both worth having, especially if you are a fan of black holo :)

  5. Gorgeous polish and really cool ring!!