Monday, November 5, 2012

Zoya at NYFW: Zang Toi Spring 2013 Runway and Custom Colors

Nail polish lovers eagerly awaited the debut of Zoya's custom colors at Zang Toi's Spring 2013 fashion show. The creative minds at Zoya partnered with the designer to develop nail polishes to debut on the runway and release online in a limited edition collection.

The colors and fabrics used in the "ice princess" ballgowns - a pastel yellow, a cool toned lavender and a baby soft pink - were the inspiration for Zoya's custom colors. Three polishes were created: Piaf, an icy lemon, Julie, an icy cool lilac, and Gei Gei, an icy baby pink. All three shades have the micro diamond particle shimmer finish and perfectly capture the look of Zang Toi's ice princess.

While three polishes were created, the final look for the runway was the lavender polish Julie worn with a silver French tip Trixie (which was renamed Ice Princess for the occasion). I have Julie, Gie Gie, and Ice Princess to share with you!

Julie is a pastel lavender with fine micro shimmer. The formula was a little thinner than I expected, and I used (3) coats for full coverage. I love how soft this shade is. The shimmer gives Julie a little something else to set it apart from a pastel cream.

When I saw the manicurists painting perfectly silver tips on the models, I thought "there's no way I could do that". But Trixie/Ice Princess is so pigmented that it was actually quite easy. Yes, you read that right - I free-handed the tips! I painted a wide silver bar like the models wore, but a thinner silver tip would also look great.


Gie Gie is a baby soft pink with fine micro shimmer. The shimmer appears stronger than in Julie and gives Gie Gie a more pearly looking finish. Gie Gie is sheer so I used 3 coats. I love how soft and girly this polish is!

Take a look at the dresses that inspired the polishes:



If you ordered the Zang Toi polishes, you also received the yellow polish Piaf. Did you grab the Zang Toi polishes before they sold out? If not, hopefully Zoya will re-release some of these shades as part of their spring collection :)

See backstage pictures here.

Keep reading for more runway pictures (including my favorite dress)...
This was my favorite dress - the lady with the pink phone's face says it all!

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    1. They are so spot on with the dresses, it's incredible!

  2. i need them both, so gorgeous!!!

    1. Hopefully they will be released in the spring :)

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    1. They capture the dresses so perfectly :)

  4. Love lilac, love Zoya! Great post!

  5. I freaking love the silver tips. It would look great on the pink, too.

    1. So brilliant, right? Trixie is SO pigmented it makes it so easy. I will have to try it over pink, great idea!

  6. Hey! I'm glad you're both ok, and that no big damage was done to your home, by Sandy! Loving the polishes too.