Saturday, October 13, 2012

Zoya at NYFW: Backstage at Zang Toi Spring 2013

The Zang Toi Spring 2013 fashion show was highly anticipated for many reasons - elegant ball gowns? Yes, please! But nail polish lovers were eagerly awaiting the debut of Zoya's custom colors. The creative minds at Zoya partnered with the designer to develop custom colors to debut on the runway and release online in a limited edition collection.

Zang Toi's Spring 2013 collection was simply enchanting. The dreamy dresses that floated down the runway were Zang Toi's interpretation of a modern ice princess. The colors and fabrics used in the ballgowns - a pastel yellow, a cool toned lavender and a baby soft pink - were the inspiration for Zoya's custom colors.

After color matching, Zoya's color expert Rebecca Isa wanted to further capture the ice princess look. "If you're going to reflect the idea of an ice princess", Ms. Isa said, "the color should have the look of an icicle". A micro grind glass crystal particle was added to the color "so that it catches the light and makes the nail look icy as if there's little ice crystals or snowflakes on the nail". Three polishes were created: Piaf, an icy lemon, Julie, an icy cool lilac, and Gei Gei, an icy baby pink. All three shades have the micro diamond particle shimmer finish and perfectly capture the look of Zang Toi's ice princess.

While three polishes were created, the final look for the runway was the lavender polish Julie worn with a silver French tip Trixie (which was renamed Ice Princess for the occasion). Ms. Isa described this look as a "modern French" because the silver bar covers one third of the nail bed. While this wide French tip might look exaggerated in person, the silver is noticeable on the runway even from far away.

A model shows off her finished nails


No tricks or tools were used to create the French tip - just a steady hand and a good eye. Zoya's Fast Drops Drying Drops were used to quickly set the manicures. There's no time to waste backstage at Fashion Week!


A model waits patiently for her nails to dry

Zoya had a great presence backstage. Don't you just love that poster?

Thumb to pinky I wore Zoya Noot, Kristen, Caitlyn, Fei Fei over Natty, and Natty

The Zang Toi Zoya nail polish collection did sell out, but hopefully Zoya will re-release some of these shades as part of their spring collection.

I have swatches of the polishes and pictures from the runway show to share with you soon - you're going to LOVE the dresses!