Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Two Birds Polish: Shines By Night

I am very excited to share with you a lovely polish by Two BirdsTwo Birds is a polish line created by sisters Sarah and Sandy. Sarah (who you may know from her blog See Sarah Swatch) was kind enough to send me a few Two Birds polishes to review for you and wow, are you in for a treat :)

Shines by Night from the Shadow Goddesses Collection was the first polish I tried out. I was immediately drawn to the glowing green and blue glitter floating in a black base. Upon closer examination, Shines by Night contains large green hexagonal glitter, smaller blue square glitter, and tiny green flecks in a black jelly base.

I had no trouble getting the glitter pieces out, not even with the big ones. To apply: I didn't use a traditional brush stroke, and instead "blobbed" it on (technical, I know). I wore (2) coats of Shines by Night over Essie's Dive Bar because I thought the base was dark blue. I would recommend using an opaque black base coat instead. While the black jelly in Shines by Night is quite opaque itself and actually covered up any trace of Dive Bar, having a solid base will allow you to push around and position - "blob", if you will - the glitter without having to worry about creating any bald spots.


Here is the inspiration behind this polish (from the Two Birds Etsy listing for Shines by Night):
Inspired by Selene, known as the Goddess of the Moon, and sometimes called Luna. Selene would pull the moon across the sky at night in her chariot. Shine by Night refers to an inscription found at a Roman temple to Luna that reads "Shines by night". Shine by Night is a black jelly base with chunky green shimmer, matte blue squares, and emerald green hexes, both small and large. To learn more about Selene, go to this site:
The recipe of large green hex glitter and blue glitter in a dark base may seem similar to Deborah Lippmann's Across the Universe, but there are differences between the two polishes that keep them from being true dupes. Shines by Night is black based and the hexagonal glitter is larger and uniformly green. Across the Universe has a dark blue base and contains a large dose of tiny blue glitter. I don't own Across the Universe or I would show you a side-by-side comparison :)

I am very impressed with my first Two Birds polish and am in love with Shines by NightTwo Birds polishes are $8.00, are 3 Free, and can be purchased on Etsy: As of today, Shines by Night is in stock :)

Head over to the Two Birds Facebook page for all the latest updates - have you seen pictures of the holiday collection? Check out Santa's Underpants!

Update: My bottle is labeled Shines by Night - I noticed on Etsy the polish is listed as Shine by Night.

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    1. I love these colors floating in the black!

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    1. I'm glad it looks as pretty on the nail as it does in the bottle!

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    1. I couldn't stop staring at it on my nails :)

  4. This is amazing!!! Super pretty!

  5. super pretty *_____* ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  6. It looks gorgeous! Love the colors! :)

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    1. I love how the colors come through so vividly, but the base is super dark still!

  8. It looks so pretty! I want one too! Beautiful pictures!