Saturday, September 8, 2012

Zoya at NYFW: Backstage at Rafael Cennamo Spring 2013

Models wearing Zoya polishes Raven (left) and Trixie (right)

When selecting polishes for Rafael Cennamo's dreamy Spring 2013 collection, Zoya didn't use one or two. They used over fifteen. Working closely with the designer, the Zoya team chose polishes from their extensive line-up that matched the colors seen in Rafael Cennamo's spring collection.

 Polishes included Yummy (saturated sky blue), Katy (bold pink), and Tracie (shimmery green)

The Zoya team was visibly excited to have been selected to work with designer Rafael Cennamo, who they learned is a nail polish fan himself! Excitement about Zoya polishes was also shared by the models, who adored shades like Trixie, a bright dazzling silver, and Caitlin, a greyish-blue cream.

When initially meeting with Mr. Cennamo to discuss polishes for the presentation, manicurist Sunshine Outing brought about thirty to thirty five Zoya shades. Ms. Outing carefully matched the polishes to color swatches from the looks the girls would be wearing. It took two tests to match up the colors just right and narrow down the selection to the fifteen or so used in the presentation today. Ms. Outing thought it was great that a variety of colors were used!

Zoya's Erin Giddings (left) and Rebecca Isa (right) with designer Rafael Cennamo (center)

This is Zoya's sixth season at New York Fashion Week - they have come a long way from doing one or two shows. This season, Zoya is involved in nine shows, two of which use colors that were custom made! Has the use of nail polish at Fashion Week changed since their first show? Media coordinator Erin Giddings replied "it's much more experimental now than it was in the beginning. Everyone was doing a lot of nudes."

"People have gotten a bit braver," color expert Rebecca Isa added. "And I think they are beginning to view nails as an accessory. So the same way they would experiment with hair or with jewelry, they're now beginning to see nails in that same light, and I think that makes it very exciting and very fun for nail lovers!"

Wearing Zoya Caitlin

Wearing Zoya Neely (one of the Peter Som Spring 2013 custom colors)

Wearing Zoya Wednesday

Wearing Zoya Tracie

Wearing Zoya polishes in Neely (left) and Yummy (right)

Giving a Neely manicure

I wore Valerie!

It was simply delightful to spend time backstage with the Zoya team and fellow blogger Carly from Lacquered Lover and hear about today's look. Carly will also be sharing pictures so look for her post soon over on her blog!

Check back soon for pictures of Rafael Cennamo's presentation!


  1. Tracie is quite a pretty color-- thanks for posting the detailed pics.

    1. You're welcome! Happy to share this amazing experience :)

  2. Zoya Neely is gorgeous shade remained me of For Audry from China Glaze polish

    1. Neely is more white-based and less blue than For Audrey. Neely is probably more close to Essie's Mint Candy Apple, if that helps!