Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekend Shopping: L'Oréal Project Runway, Sale Polish at DR, and More!

Happy weekend! What are you up to? We have the new iPhone 5 in our house apartment-hold, but unfortunately our internet router is being goofy so it's off the the Apple store to get it up and running :) I'm blogging on the floor tethered to the wall - it's funny how much this fat, blue cord reminds me of my dorm room days!

This week in polish shopping, there are many new products and sales to be found!

Mara from Mara In Polishland spotted new OPI Germany polishes Unfor-Greta-bly Blue and Don't Talk Bach to Me at Duane Reade on 69th St and 3rd Ave for $4.25.

Duane Reade must be purging some polishes as I also spotted a sale bucket at 62nd St and 2nd Ave. Polishes included Essie Damsel in a Dress, OPI Suzi and the Lifeguard, and many Nicole by OPI Texture polishes all for around $4 each.

I came across a gold mine of new displays (mostly full) at Walgreens on 70th and 2nd! New collections included Sally Hansen Lustre ShineL'Oréal Project Runway, and Revlon Halloween. I have some pictures of the Project Runway polishes over on Twitter taken with my iPod (sorry I would have posted them here but... no wifi :/). Temptress Power and The Muse's Attitude are the two I think will disappear from displays the fastest!

Pre-order the Zoya Ornate holiday collection here (sneak peek here) and the Real 18K Gold Trio here.

Ricky's is having a flash sale online ( Get 15% off beauty purchases all weekend with code FLASH15.

What's on your weekend shopping list?


  1. I have been looking everywhere for the L'oreal Project Runway luck!

    1. Hopefully more displays will be popping up soon! This was the first time I had seen one, and I wasn't even looking :)

  2. I agree with your Project Runway predictions. I picked up both your picks and The Mystic's Fortune. They're all pretty, but The Muse's Attitude is my definite standout. :)

    1. YAY great picks!!! I love to see drug store brands coming out with awesome polishes. I've been very happy with the L'Oreals I've tried recently, too :)