Thursday, September 13, 2012

Backstage at Skaist-Taylor with Lead Hair Stylist Kien Hoang

Designer Gela Nash-Taylor looks on as stylist Kien Hoang works his magic

The inspiration behind Skaist-Taylor's Spring 2013 fashion show was 1970's Troubadour, the famous Los Angeles nightclub where artists such as Elton John and Joni Mitchell careers took off. A key part of creating this look was fabulous hair!


Lead stylist Kien Hoang created a fierce "power puff" look for the show using Oribe hair products. It was really great to meet Mr. Hoang and speak with him about the hair for this show!

Mr. Hoang explained that the first step was to weave the models' hair into giant pins then press it with a flat iron.


The stylists then took the pins out and pulled the hair apart and sprayed the models' hair with a dry spray. This step was fast and furious - there was lots of fluffing and spraying! Mr. Hoang said that the look was to be "light and airy and not stiff", and also to promote confidence with curly hair!

A stylist removes the pins from this model's hair while her makeup is being done

Lead stylist Kien Hoang perfecting the power puff

The final look was incredible - the hair was huge, fluffy, bouncy, and subtly crimped.

Amazing, right?! And this dress is going RIGHT on my wish list!


  1. wow, how long does it take them to do the hair like that? it's an impressive ordeal!

    1. Mr. Hoang said it took about 45 minutes per model!