Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekend Shopping: OPI Germany, Wet & Wild Fergie, and Sula

Happy Weekend! Can you believe the Olympics will be over on Sunday already? Two weeks went by so fast, but I am looking forward to returning to my normal schedule of getting to bed before midnight ;)

Here are some new collections I've spotted recently. I encourage you to leave a comment if you've come across any new or interesting polish finds this week in your journeys :)

The OPI Germany collection has landed at Ricky's! Now... if only I could decide between Every Month is Oktoberfest and German-icure by OPI... Store Locator

Duane Reade is now carrying Sula Paint & Peel polishes! I spotted a display at 65th and 3rd Ave. Has anyone tried Sula polishes?

I found the Wet & Wild Fergie polishes at Rite Aide on 69th and 2nd.

On Saturday, Street Fair Cosmetics will be at University Place/Waverly Place - 14th Street. On Sunday, they will be at the street fair on 3rd Ave somewhere between 23rd and 34th St. Check their Facebook page for more specifics.

Friendly reminder - on Aug 15, the Color Club holo polishes are scheduled to be released and could be showing up on shelves any day now. Here is a list of Color Club retailers in NYC.

In other news, this Saturday is another Summer Streets!

Did you find any new polishes this week? Happy shopping :)


  1. My boyfriend lives in Union Square so guess where I'll be Saturday??

    1. Nice! What a fun place to live, you must love that he's there!

  2. Oh I didn't see the Fergie Wnw last time in Rite Aid! I think I have to come back!! I'm stalking BB&B for the Color Club holos, I'm dying for them!!!! DYING!!!!
    Have a great week end!

  3. I just picked up Every Month is Octoberfest after a long battle between that and German-icure by OPI. I went with the darker of the two because I felt like a had too many polishes close to German-icure. It was tough though.

    1. I went today to browse and decided on Oktoberfest too! It helped that they had sold out of Germani-cure lol, but they still had the colors swatched on a wheel so I was sure of my choice ;)

  4. I went to the street fair today and it was awesome! Got some really cool goodies. I even spotted the new German collection! My mouth just dropped when I saw it. They were $6 each! The table wasn't street fair cosmetics it was another booth but since there are only 2 major nail polish booths it should be easy to spot.