Thursday, March 8, 2012

Beauty 35 will no longer carry China Glaze

Reader ♥NAZIN♥ of Nailcicles broke the sad news recently that Beauty 35 is no longer going to stock China
Glaze. I called to confirm and wanted to spread the word (I've also updated older posts to reflect this). Hopefully you'll get this message before heading there in search of China Glaze :/ There are still a handful of other locations around NYC - here is the listing.

But there have been some exciting nail polish sightings around town!

Carly from Lacquered Lover spotted the Color Club Magnetic polishes at Ricky's. Check out the store locator for a Ricky's near you. They sell for $13 at Ricky's... for a bit less, head over to Essentials (123 5th Ave between 19th and 20th St) where they're only $8.

Adrianna from Polish and Paillettes found China Glaze nail polish for sale at her Hot Topic. There's actually a Hot Topic in Queens and on Staten Island! Has anyone else seen China Glaze at Hot Topic?

Jen from The Girly Bits spotted the China Glaze Magnetix collection at Beauty Plus Salon (2568 Broadway between 96th and 97th).

Thanks so much for sharing nail polish sightings and news!


  1. Hot Topic is stocking the Capitol Colours Hunger Games polish collection. I doubt they will carry any other China Glaze products at any point.

  2. Gideons Drugs has China Glaze Hunger Games, Electropops and the magnetics. They've also started carrying Zoya, Del Sol and have the latest Spa Ritual collection. Of course, they've always had O.P.I and Essie.
    They're at 1385 Broadway (around 38th or so)

    1. WOW what a fantastic store! I haven't heard of it - will totally have to scout it out this weekend :) Thanks so much for the tip!

  3. I forgot the Color Club magnetics- Gideon's had those too.