Thursday, January 12, 2012

Field Trip: Inglot's Chelsea Market Studio

In New York City, we are lucky to not only have one Inglot store but TWO! In addition to their Times Square location, Inglot has a beautiful and gigantic retail store and studio space on the 5th floor of Chelsea Markets. I hope you enjoy this photo tour - it feels a bit like sharing a secret with you :) While it's open to the public, every time I've been there I've been the only one in the store shopping!

What an inspirational setting to have your makeup done!

I spy TONS of nail polish! Check out the professional set up in the back (and boxes and boxes of product)!

Inglot's AMC Lipgloss is simply stunning. Dear Inglot, could you please bottle some of that multichrome-goodness into a polish?

A table-full of rich pigments

Inglot is located in New York City on 1592 Broadway (at 48th St) and in Chelsea Market at 75 9th Ave on the 5th floor (that's between 15th and 16th St). You can shop online as well.


  1. Hey! Just wanted to mention that I spotted GOSH! cosmetic displays at two Duane Reades yesterday: the one on Madison at 88th and one at 86th between Park and Lex. Neither had Holographic or Rainbow anymore, though.

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    I like your blog and I gave you the Cute Blog Award!

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  3. AWESOME find! Yes GOSH has been popping up at more and more Duane Reades, thanks for the info! I'll update the list!
    Biba, seriously!
    KimsKie, thanks girl so much for thinking of me!!!