Thursday, January 19, 2012

Field Trip: Gaga's Workshop

This past holiday season, the 5th floor of Barney's was transformed into a crazy funhouse Gaga's Workshop. With every inch decked out in bright colors and patterns, Lady Gaga music looping, and larger than life fantasy creations, the experience truly felt like stepping into the mind of Lada Gaga.


There was Gaga everything for sale - Gaga candy necklaces, Gaga marble notebooks, Gaga light up yo-yos, Gaga playing cards, Gaga tape measures, even these "Little Monster" dolls. The strangest/most awesome product was the Gaga "egg spin toy".

Nail art and nail polish played a big role in the Workshop. Yay!

You could purchase these awesome press on nails for $225. Geesh.


$225 makes the Deborah Lippmann "Edge of Glory" 3D Holographic duo seem like a deal at $40.


I did not buy the Deborah Lippman "Edge of Glory" 3D Holographic duo for $40.

Gaga's Workshop is now closed, but that means the sale has just begun. Head on over to Barney's website to see what's been marked down!

See more pictures inside the Workshop...

I'm on the right "track" baby I was born this way!



  1. At $40, I think the Lippman duo was the least expensive thing!

  2. LOL... believe it or not, some of the candy was less :)

  3. I have the lippmann duo. TOTALLY worth it :)

  4. I'm so jealous you got to see this in person!

  5. phedre, I enjoyed your swatch!
    Noir Lacquer, I hope all the pictures were second-best to visiting :)

  6. Lucky, lucky you, Amy! You got to see all this live! As soon as this nail polish duo went on sale on Barney's site, I tried to order it but guess what? Us Canadians must live in another/parallel universe or something, because it was no can do! Of well...not meant to be, I guess! I love, love, love your photos...I almost feel like I'm there!

  7. Heh. The Lippman duo is on sale at the website linked for $29.

    1. I wonder if it will go on sale for even more :)

    2. whoops and by even more I mean even less lol