Friday, January 13, 2012

Butter London "Knackered" is the Polish of My Dreams

Ever since I received an email announcing Butter's new Spring/Summer line up of "Disco Biscuit", "Bossy Boots", "Slapper", "Trout Pout", and "Knackered", I have been having nail polish dreams about finding the holo-duochrome (multichrome?) wonder "Knackered". Today - on Friday the 13th of all days - I found the entire collection including "Knackered" at Ricky's on my lunch break!!!

Butter describes "Knackered" as "a sheer, twinkling oyster shade flecked with micro glitter particles". I love every word in that description, it's so dreamy, isn't it? "Knackered" is British slang meaning exhausted. A most excellent name for a polish, however, this isn't a shade I will soon tire of!

"Knackered" was just as difficult to photograph as it is to describe in words. This beauty captures silver, blue, pink, purple, and blue-green shades depending on the lighting. Like other pearl or "oyster" duo/multichrome polishes, "Knackered" is a bit sheer - below, I used (3) coats. I LOVE how the tiny holographic flecks are so visible on the nail!

These next two pictures capture the range of colors in "Knackered":

In lower light, the pink tones really stand out. This is much more vivid in real life.

The blue-green tones can be seen in this next picture:

"Knackered" simply must be seen over black! Keep reading for more swatches and "Knackered" over black.


The pink tones glow more purple in lower light over black. It's magical!

Butter nail polishes can be purchased around New York City. Here is a list of retailers in New York City that carry Butter nail polish. At Ricky's, Butter London polishes are $15.


  1. That looks fantastic over black!

  2. Best swatch photos of knackered ive seen, now I actually wanna get! Looks amazing

  3. Wow, it looks like a holo version of OPI's Not Like The Movies or Wet n' Wild's Gray's Anatomy. This is going on my get list!

  4. a-mazing nail polish!! I was looking forward to see swatches of this one before I purchase, but now I'm definite that I'm gonna buy!!

  5. amazing! It's just twinkling and twinkling~

  6. I actually like this polish more on black :)

  7. Lindsey, agreed! I can't wait to try it over blues and purples, I think it will be pretty cool too!
    Eve, wow thank you!
    Frankenstyna, good eye! I don't have either but from the swatches I've seen, NLTM and Grey's Anatomy have a more "steely" look and appear thinner. 'Knackered' is more blue to my eyes :)
    Esra, I hadn't seen swatches but after seeing it in person, let's just say it was love at first sight lol
    thepolishwell, I love that word - "twinkling"!
    Elsa, I can't wait to try it over some other colors!
    Maribeth, agree!!!

  8. This is gorgeous! And fantastic over black!

  9. Ok I'm not big on duochromes, but the twinkle might sell me on this!

  10. Kaki, yes! I wonder what other colors it will look fab over!
    Polish AMOR, you are totally going to start having polish dreams about it now :)
    Fashion Footing, add twinkling holo to anything and I'd but it lol

  11. Such a magical polish! The name absolutely doesn't fit, this polish deserves a better one!

  12. You got me wanting to spend $15 on a non LE/hard to find holo. This is gorgeous. I actually quite like it by itself with the three coats. Looks unique.

  13. What an unusual color! I like it best over black I think :).

  14. I ordered mine a while ago and it's on back order! I'm so jealous that you have yours already. :( Thanks for the pics though! This will be my first Butter London polish and I'm really looking forward to it.

  15. greeneyespinknails, you're so right! There's nothing 'tiring' about this polish!
    BMR, lol it IS pricey, but it's worth it and I still had some Christmas money lol
    Deborah, I love that it becomes a new polish over black
    Michelle, when you see it in person you will love it even more!

  16. Do all rickys carry butter London or is it just certain ones I was in the ulta in rego park & they don't have the new collection yet :(

  17. lexuhmuhree, while I can't say with 100% certainty that every Ricky's has Butter, I've seen it in every one I've been too! That also doesn't mean that they all put out the new collections yet. Good thing is, there are tons of Ricky's so you could potentially visit, like, 3 in one trip :)
    Noir Lacquer, agreed! Can't wait to layer it over more colors!

  18. I just picked up the last bottle of Knackered at my local Ulta. It's just amazing over OPI Ink!

    1. Oh that must be incredible, what a great idea!