Thursday, December 1, 2011

Top 5 Winter 2011/2012 Nail Polish Trends and NYC Events

Winter in New York City! The holiday excitement is already starting to ignite a cheer in the air... or maybe it's the smell of evergreen and pine on every street corner from the tree vendors :) Once the holidays are over, it's the start of a New Year (hello, 2012!) and picturesque snowy walks through Central Park are enough to warm your spirits until spring comes to warm the air.

When it comes to nail polish, shades that look black but hide a secret shimmer and holiday colors/themed manicures are tried and true winter trends. Putting these "winter essentials" aside, I selected five trends I think are standouts this winter. For each color I'll share a polish in my collection and a link for you to see some other options!

Gotham Polish's Top 5 Winter 2011-2012 Nail Polish Trends:

#5 Bar Glitter
Glitter polish is back, and it's not going away anytime soon! It feels as if we've seen everything glitter including "one coat" glitters, chunky glitters, and square glitters. The latest subtrend in glitter is "bar glitter" - long, thin strands of glitter mixed in with more glitter! Bar glitter creates a unique textured look as the pieces have that random "Pick Up Sticks"/going-every-which-way look about them. Love it or leave it, there's no denying bar glitter is making a strong come back this season.

China Glaze "Marry a Millionaire"

Let Them Have Polish: Zoya "Kissy", "Twila", and "Rina"
Nails and Noms: Wet & Wild "24 Carats"
Kiss My Acetone: Dare to Wear "Get Funky"
Rachel Marie's Nails: Love & Beauty "Gold"
Ommorphia Beauty Bar: OPI "Save Me"

#4 Icy Blue and Snowy White Glitter
Speaking of all things sparkly and shiny, many of our favorite nail polish brands created a rainbow of gorgeous, multifaceted glitters this season. While glitters of all shapes, sizes, and colors are in style right now, my pick for winter is the stunning "winter goddess" look created with icy blue and snowy white glitters.

Revlon "Blue Mosaic"

The TraceFace Philes: Glitter Gal "Light as a Feather"
Neglelakkmani: OPI "Gone Gonzo"
Goose's Glitter: China Glaze "Lorelei's Tiara"
Ice Queen's Nail Parlor: Wet & Wild "Cost is No Issue"

#3 Golden Olive
There's something super chic and curious about olive nail polish. Not quite green and never over-saturated with color, wearing olive elicits the ever-so-satisfying "that's a really interesting nail polish" response. Throw in a dash of gold and you've got my number 3 pick for winter - golden olive.

L'Oréal "Owl's Night"

Amandalandish: Revlon "Mistletoe"
The Crystal Files: China Glaze "Wagon Trail"
Nightly Nails: CQ "Golden Green"

#2 Rich Shades of Berry
True cool-toned reds are tough to find in nail polish land. Too cool and you've got yourself a purple polish. Not enough blue in the mix and your polish will look red. This winter, there are several polishes that really nailed my #2 pick - the elusive rich berry shade!

Duri "From Dusk Till Dawn"

Une Ruxi à Paris: Essie "Size Matters"
Nails Beautiqued: CND "Plum Truffle"

#1 Glistening Opalescent Top Coat
A top coat can transform your polish from posh and creamy to elegant and dazzling. From pretty to incredible. From "that looks nice" to "OMG HOW DID YOU DO THAT". This winter, pick up an opalescent top coat and add instant and elegant bling to your nails.

Essie "Shine of the Times" over Essie "Cocktail Bling"

Chromatic Misadventures: China Glaze "Snow Globe"

And now in order by date, here are my top 5 winter event picks in New York City

NYC Restaurant Week (dates TBA - sign up for updates here)
Held twice a year, Restaurant Week is a great opportunity to experience the finest restaurants in the city and dine from affordable prix-fixe menus.

Go ice skating!
Have you ever ice skated outside? Feeling the crisp air and the sun shining down while you skate around is magical. There are several places in New York City to ice skate outdoors in the winter - if you have the chance, don't pass up this special experience :)

Citi Pond at Bryant Park
Wollman Rink in Central Park
Rockefeller Center
Lasker Rink in Central Park

See the holiday window decorations
Up and down 5th Avenue and all around town, almost every store adds a bit of festive fun to their windows, some with very elaborate displays. The big department stores always create windows worth taking a trip in to see!

Watch the ball drop in Times Square
Seeing the numbers of the New Year light up in Times Square is an event shared around the world. It's amazing to think that so many people stop and turn their eyes to NYC for such a huge moment. If you have the chance to go stand in Times Square in person, go!!! I was one of the thousands of people standing in Times Square years ago at midnight and I will never forget it :)

Celebrate Chinese New Year (January 23rd, 2012)
Welcome the Year of the Dragon! In Chinatown, celebrations are vibrant and complete with parades of giant dragons.

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  1. wow, that is one of the most accurate swatches of marry a millionaire that i've seen! it's hard to get a good photo of that, it seems. great job <3

  2. Loved your polish selection <3

  3. Out of these I love 3, 4 and 5. Bar glitter just isn't my thing and glitter is nice but not my favorite finish :).

  4. Sarah, aw thank you! Yes it was a bit tricky, it looks so amazing in real life :)
    Elsa, thanks glad you agree!
    Deborah, flakies are a great choice to wear that sparkle without looking like a traditional glitter!

  5. I really like the Blue Mosaic.

  6. Hi Sandra, yes it's such a fantastic blue and the fun glitter shapes just put it over the top!

  7. Hi Amy! Great post! Thank you for the mention!! <3

  8. Hi Amy. I really love the way "Marry a Millionaire" looks on your swatch. Which purple nail polish do you have as a base? I've tried layering "millionaire" over different colors but nothing looks as amazing as the one you did, it's a perfect match! By the way...I really like your blog :) Frida from sweden

  9. oops! I found the answer myself in your blog. China Glaze "Grape Pop" is the next polish on my wishlist. /Frida

  10. Hi Frida, oh yay! Yes it's Grape Pop and I agree it's a great match for Marry a Millionaire! Thanks for stopping by Gotham Polish :)