Thursday, December 15, 2011

China Glaze's "Eye Candy" Polishes are Ornaments for your Nails

Each year, the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a holiday tradition shared by New Yorkers and people around the world! Lit with 30,000 lights, this year's tree is 74 feet tall and came from Pennsylvania. Could you imagine seeing this giant tree traveling across route 80 on a truck?

But what's this? Up close, I noticed that the color of the lights is actually coming from the intense glitter inside China Glaze's "Eye Candy" polishes!

Visit the tree this season in Rockefeller Center on 5th Ave between 49th and 50th St. :)

Glitter is all the rage in nail polish this winter. Recent glitters by China Glaze "Skyscraper" and "It's Alive" have taken glitter to the next level with great coverage and multi-faceted depth, so I was absolutely thrilled to hear about an entire collection of glitter polishes, appropriately named "Eye Candy".

"Material Girl" is a rose-gold multi-shaped glitter. This is the pink version of "It's Alive" :) The sophisticated rosey hue goes well with my skin tone and I found this to be a very wearable glitter - I actually wore it to work for a whole week. The secret of this polish is that there are holographic glitters scattered throughout! In this swatch, you can see some revealing themselves in the bottle.

I used three coats below. For a unique look, try layering one coat of "Material Girl" over a taupe polish like China Glaze's "Street Chic". The rose and taupe color combo is fabulous!

"Blonde Bombshell" has a similar texture to "Material Girl" with both small and large shaped glitter. The twist with this bright yellow gold is the subtle bar glitter China Glaze threw in the mix!

This is a bit off topic, but recently I have been watching obsessed with the show "Gold Rush" on the Discovery Channel, and the little gold glitters remind me of the gold flakes they find :) For a pan-for-gold effect, try layering one coat of "Blonde Bombshell" over a deep grey like China Glaze's "Concrete Catwalk".

Speaking of bar glitter, China Glaze describes "Marry a Millionaire" as an "alluring amethyst with multi-tonal fibers". While you may not be on team bar glitter, the bar glitter in "Marry a Millionaire" isn't overwhelming and isn't too long so the final result doesn't look "hairy". Also cool is the multi-tonal color shift from gold to turquoise! You can see this in the bottle in the picture below. I would recommend layering "Marry a Millionaire" over your favorite cool purple cream polish - I chose China Glaze's "Grape Pop".

"Lorelei's Tiara" is a bright white silver glitter with vivid blue flecks scattered throughout. I was impressed how the blue glitter evenly distributed across my nails and that it didn't get buried under the silver pieces. Wouldn't this be a great polish to use for an icy winter gradient manicure? If you have a silver foil polish like China Glaze's "Icicle", you won't need to use too many coats of "Lorelei's Tiara" for an opaque manicure.

"Love Marilyn" is described by China Glaze as a "vivacious red with shimmering silver particles". This polish has the same texture as "Lorelei's Tiara". Isn't this a stunning and festive red? "Love Marilyn" was the thinnest polish of the "Eye Candy" collection and I used three coats below (I could have even used four). I would highly recommend layering this over a complimentary red in your collection - China Glaze's "Poinsettia" would be a nice match!

"Some Like it Haute" nails the latest trend in glitter polish - grey! Who would have thought that a desaturated shade would make for such a lovely and "haute" glitter? China Glaze topped this polish off with holographic pieces (like in "Material Girl"). I needed to use three coats below, but if you have a deep grey such as China Glaze's "Concrete Catwalk" to use as a base, you could save a coat or two!

I must say that China Glaze created a true collection with the "Eye Candy" polishes. There are similar uses of texture in each polish (the bar glitter, the large shaped glitter, the holographic pieces), however each polish is still unique.

Do you have any fun ideas for ways to layer these glitters?

China Glaze polishes can be found in New York City! Click here for a list of retailers.

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  1. I LOVE your blog! I went to NY for 2 weeks last summer and I miss it so much!

  2. Oh I miss that tree :( I used to see it every year but live in switzerland now.
    The polishes are great, especially Lorelei's tiara and Some like it Haute.

  3. Hi To Polish or Not, thank you! I love sharing NYC pics and post them just about every post so I do hope you enjoy them :)
    greeneyespinknails, wow Switzerland, I imagine it like a true winter wonderland :) I agree, those are both super awesome glitters!

  4. Cute post, China Glaze really does make fantastic glitters. I also work across the street from the tree, so it's effect is kind of lost on me, especially when I just want to walk to the subway to get home!
    As a fellow New Yorker, I've been reading your blog for a while & it's helped me find tons of great stuff (I never would have walked into the Fragrance & Beauty Outlet on Madison & 41st if not for your blog)!
    Thank you!

  5. Hi florence! I hear you - the foot traffic this time of year is frustrating, especially while commuting! So happy to hear you've found some new places to shop :)

  6. I love these glitter polishes!:D:X Look amazing!

  7. CLM, China Glaze has again taken glitter to the next level of awesomeness! So happy they made an ENTIRE collection of glitters!