Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nail Polish at a Street Fair

Street fairs are a common sight throughout the summer and the fall in New York City. Typically several blocks, you will see a wide array of vendors selling street meat, jewelry, orchids, smoothies, crepes, and $5 pashminas. There's even a website dedicated to keeping you informed about what street fair is where and when!

Honestly, I usually steer clear of street fairs - I have a way of unintentionally coming across them (much like parades) while I'm trying to get somewhere and they do get crowded. I also get the same vibe from many of them. Today, I stumbled upon a street fair on Lexington Ave and the fair was less crowded than the sidewalk so I took a stroll through it. Good decision! In the midst of gyros and cell phone chargers, I found a cosmetic vendor!


This vendor (appropriately named "Street Fair Cosmetics") had a large tent of makeup - mostly old various drug store brands, but I did see Lancôme Juicy Tubes. They had a very decent selection of polishes including several Essies, Hard Candy (Beetle and Sky), 2012 crackles, $1 Maybellines, and Jordana.

Count it as a "dusty"! In fact, because they have a Facebook, Street Fair Cosmetics will go on the Gotham Polish where to shop list :)


  1. OMG! I wanna go there! Did you buy a lot of stuff?

  2. WOW! Wish we had one of those too!

  3. You lucky girl!!!!
    Can't wait for your haul post!

  4. Imagine unpacking and then repacking ALL of that stuff, just for a days trading!

  5. Oooo!!!! I would have spent a good hour digging through their stuff!!


  6. Posts like this make me want to visit New York City. ^_^

  7. O, wow! Why don't we have such fair?

  8. *drools*
    I want to go touch everything there.
    And LOL I completely avoid street fairs too...partially because I don't like the crowds but mostly because I can't control my spending habits and will buy everything.

  9. Morie, Johanna, and Frankenstyna - I actually didn't have any cash lol. Good thing I can find them with their Facebook page! I'll be prepared next time! :)
    Liz, it was pretty random - can't say I've ever seen anything like it before!
    Konad-licious, wow you're so right there! That would be a lot of work!
    Alexisaurus, agreed... I didn't look too much because I would be sad if I found something and didn't have cash lol
    Rie, who knew street fairs had nail polish lol - even for NYC this is pretty random!
    Biba, I think you should start one!!!
    greeneyespinknails, haha there ARE so many pretties to look at!
    ChaosButterfly, meh I'm not sure you'd be into touching... dusty is a really accurate term ;)

  10. Thank You, fellow nyc polish-head, lol! I'm following them on FB now and WILL be at their next fair, cash in hand! I just hope their isn't a chase near buy bc I may clean out my funds, lol! What were the prices like? Esp for Essie?

  11. WOW, just WOW, I so wish I had things like that near me.

  12. LizMarie, I didn't ask about Essie's (they had a small selection). It seemed like almost everything was $1 though!
    Pam, it's pretty fantastic because I feel like you could find something really awesome and random if you keep digging!

  13. WOWW!! cant believe my eyes.. if Ie ver go to NY, I lld efinetly stop here.

    I leaarned of your blog thru the commentyou left on mine. thank you for that and you really have a great blog!!

  14. Well I would just about die if I stumbled upon this! Die and go to nail art heaven!!! POLISH OVERLOAD!

  15. kaderkismet, thanks for stopping by! Yes I found your blog over on Polish Insomniac - keep it up, girl!
    Simona, thanks for stopping by! Agree - total cash-only paradise :)
    RHOyal Fiasco, haha YES overload! It's almost too much to take in lol

  16. I actually stopped by the street fair today and found milani 3D holographics for $1 :] I picked up 3 of them plus to cremes, among other polishes

  17. LizMarie, so cool, the 3D holos are a GREAT find! Glad your trip was so successful!