Thursday, September 1, 2011

Top 5 Fall 2011 Nail Polish Trends and NYC Events

Fall in NYC is quite possibly the most fashionable time for the city. Fashion week attracts the most stylish individuals and inspires us all to think about putting together our outfits and color pairings in new ways.

Of course, choosing a chic polish is key to finishing any look! As the summer winds down, the days get shorter and polishes get a little more dark and dusty. While there are so many great fall colors, I selected five I think are standouts this season. For each color I'll share a polish in my collection and a link for you to see some other options!

Gotham Polish's Top 5 Fall 2011 Nail Polish Trends:

#5 Layer Your Glitters
Wear it under, wear it over, even wear it in between! Call it what you will - glitter sandwich, jelly sandwich - use any color, shape, or size glitter polish in a new way this fall. Thanks to so many tips and tricks from bloggers, removing glitter is no longer scary. For a great remover "recipe", be sure to check out Loodie's "concoction" of acetone and glycerin.

Candy mani
Milani "Gems" over Essie "Fiji" and under OPI "Step Right Up"

Chromatic Misadventures: Jelly Sandwich
Hedonism, Limited: Extreme Jelly Sandwich
Kiss My Acetone: Pink Glitter Sandwich
Polished Casual: Jelly Sandwich

#4 Warm, Dusty Brown
Before you say Chanel Particuliere was "so last year", just look at this gorgeous, ashy milk-chocolate shade. L'Oréal "Devotion" rekindled my love for this subtle and sophisticated hue. This creamy color reminds me of a crisp, cool afternoon when the shadows start getting long and the leaves are just beginning to fall.

L'Oréal "Devotion"

Mirannie's Nails: piCture pOlish "Cowboy"
Musings from Manhattan: Essie "Glamour Purse"
Nailtastic: OPI "A-taupe the Space Needle"
Sonidlo's Nail Polishes: Rescue Beauty Lounge "Decorous"

#3 Grey-est Greys
I read once in the morning newspaper you get for free in the subway something about how "fashion bloggers with grey nail polish" had dominated the front rows at fashion week. Reading this ingrained an association with grey nail polish and blogger influence that makes me smile :) Another fashion week is just around the corner so break our your grey-est grey polish!

China Glaze "Concrete Catwalk"

Lacquer Addicts Anonymous: OPI "Skull and Glossbones"
Nailstah: Deborah Lippman "Waking Up in Vegas"
Perky Polish: Zoya "Harley"
Polish Chest: Manglaze "Fuggin Ugly"
Rachel Marie's Nails: Pure Ice "Kiss Me Here" (scroll down, it's the third polish)
Une Ruxi à Paris: Sally Hansen "Grey Area"

#2 Uglies!
"Ugly" is the new... pretty? This fall, we're seeing murky yellow greens boldly taking center stage and challenging what we traditionally consider a beautiful color. Break out an "ugly" shade and you'll be on top of the fall color game.

Mattese Elite "Amazing Rush"

My Nail Polish Online: China Glaze "Trendsetter"
The Nailphile: Zoya "Dree"
Neglelakkmani: OPI "Uh-oh Roll Down the Window"
Nihrida: Kleancolor "Fashionista"
The Trace Face Philes: Butter London "Wallis"

#1 Deep Raisin Purple
Dark purple is a tough shade to perfect - too dark and it's hardly indistinguishable from black, too bright and it's simply purple. But this season every polish brand gave us a lovely dark raisin/eggplant purple shade that's just dark enough. Deep raisin is versatile and perfect for the changing seasons.

Essie "Carry On"

All Things Nails!: Maybelline "Purple Trend"
Pixie Polish: Zoya "Anja"
Polish Chest: OPI "Honk if you Love OPI"
Une Ruxi à Paris: China Glaze "Urban Night"
Vampy Varnish: MAC "Purple Majesty"

And now in order by date, here are my top 5 fall event picks in New York City - and these are all free to attend!

Fall Festivals
New York City street fairs and festivals are fun all year, but the fall ones bring out some really great food.

Fashion's Night Out
September 8th, all over NYC and the world
Fashion's Night Out 3.0 is back and this time there's a Twitter and an app. Retailers around New York City will be opening their doors and transforming Manhattan into a shopping nightclub unlike anything else you've ever seen.

Halloween in NYC
October 31st
The Village Halloween Parade is known around the country, but did you know about the Tompkins Square Park Halloween DOG Parade? See pictures from 2010 here. If you visit New York City anytime in October, there are plenty of costume shops and professional haunted houses to get you in a spooky mood :)

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
November 24, 9AM from 77th and Central Park West to Herald Square
You may have seen the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV, but seeing the balloons in person is a sight to behold. Line up early, dress warm, and bring your camera!

New York City Marathon
November 6th, all boroughs
The marathon in NYC is an electric event to attend. On November 6th, over 700,000 athletes from around the world run for charity, for themselves, and for many other inspiring reasons. This is another event you may have seen on TV, but cheering from the sidelines is even better.

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