Monday, September 26, 2011

On the Street: China Glaze Street Chic

Next to nail polish blogs, my favorite internet destinations are street style fashion blogs. Sure, it's fun to look at runway shows and gorgeous editorial creations, but street style is fascinating, inspirational, and endlessly unique. Street style fashion blogs share portraits of real people and their fashion concoctions, and the best part is that on a fashion blog, you can ogle and examine an outfit without feeling awkward about staring :)

Three of my favorite street style blogs are:
The Sartorialist
Mr. Newton
The Photodiarist/The Photodiarist in Color

One nail polish worth a long look is China Glaze "Street Chic". "Street Chic" is a warm taupey-brown shade that subtly declares you a fashionista. "Street Chic" falls on the milk chocolate end of the mushroom polish spectrum - I adore the small dash of dusty-ness but it's the lovely warm tones that set this shade apart from its less saturated relatives. With a smart shade like "Street Chic", it's no wonder that the warm, dusty brown trend was one of my top 5 fall polish trends!


See more street shots of "Street Chic"...



In NYC, China Glaze can be purchased at Beauty 35 at 505 8th Ave (corner of 35th St and 8th Ave) As of March 2012, Beauty 35 no longer carries China Glaze and Beauty Plus Salon at 2568 Broadway (between 96th and 97th).

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  1. nice color, nothing better than good cream polish :-D

  2. I have to agree with Kim, this goes so well!

  3. I have this color and love it! Also am digging the street shots!

  4. Love your pics! And can you believe that every time I've gone into Beauty 35 I've walked out empty handed?

  5. Very creative post! Love the photos as always! <3

  6. YOU HAVE NO HEAD!!!! D°:
    Beautiful, anyway! XD

  7. Kimberly and Nicole, this shade goes with lots of looks too!
    nail crazy, I totally agree :)
    Fingers, this was a really fun way to share this polish, glad you like it!
    Carly, wow girl you have self control!!!
    Polish Amor, glad you like them :)
    Traci, thanks girl!
    gnoma, lol secret's out then isn't it

  8. This color is on my wishlist! Thanks 2 u I can actually find it locally.

    PS I <3 ur blog!

  9. You know what's great about this shade? How wearable it is, no matter what style you've got on, the time of day, or one's skin tone! Definitely one of my faves from this, it looks amazing on you!

  10. Hi Liz, oh good! I hope you track it down!
    Eugenia, agree and thank you!!!