Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh My Gosh I Found GOSH!

A few weekends ago, we were downtown and my boyfriend suggested visiting the new Duane Reade at 40 Wall Street. I was not particularly enthused because in New York City, Duane Reade (aka "DR") can be found on almost every street corner next to the Chase banks and Starbucks and goodness knows I'm stopping in them frequently enough searching for new drug store polish releases. But the 40 Wall Street location was hyped as a new concept store, and I try to be accommodating to my boyfriend's suggestions as he has patiently accompanied me on many a polish adventure.

A hologram-esque woman (not quite R2-D2's Princess Lea... did anyone else order Star Wars on Blu-ray this week?) welcomed us as we entered the massive 22,000 square foot drug store. Here you can pick up not just the essentials, but a sushi lunch and a smoothie from the juice bar. Bad hair day? You can get a blowout here before heading back to the office! While most of the store has the same look as other upgraded DRs around New York City, the magnitude and new services set this store apart from the rest.

While wandering through a super-sized yet otherwise common beauty section, I found a display I never expected to see in the United States, never the less in a Duane Reade on Wall Street.

I think the feeling that best describes seeing the display of GOSH cosmetics would be the excitement of stumbling on hidden treasure while not even following the map. Duane Reade? GOSH?! These are polishes I've only seen on your lovely blogs! I stood in front of the display for an unnatural amount of time, staring, just to fully take in what was there before me:


I asked the sales associate if any other Duane Reade locations sold GOSH, as this was the first time I had seen it anywhere in person. He said the 40 Wall Street location was piloting GOSH products, but they may expand to more DRs based on sales. I did a quick search around the interwebs when I came home and it seems back in March, several DR locations sold GOSH. Reader Michelle recently reported a GOSH sighting at DR around 35th and Broadway!

The employees must have wondered why I was so giddy while I examined each polish. While Holographic and Rainbow were sold out, I picked up Gasoline (an item on my wish list from years ago back when I started reading your lovely blogs) and Purple Heart.

GOSH polishes are $7.50 at Duane Reade. Let's hope these are here to stay :)


  1. I want to go to NYC right now and go to this address!! Wow! I am super excited! hahah Thanks for sharing this!


  2. ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This post is making my heart race!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!!!!!! We know where I am going next time I come to the city!!! <3

  3. That's great news for you guys. Didn't know you have some shades in your wishlist or I could have sent you some. 2 shades Canada never gets: Holographic and Rainbow :(

  4. Damn, now I wish even more we had a DR down here! That is AWESOME.

  5. They had spaces for HOLOGRAPHIC and RAINBOW???
    Really?!!! OMG!
    The only thing I picked up was the Fix Base Coat, I passed on the rest.
    I love that GOSH is in NYC! and only $7.50!!!

  6. @ Halifax: I'm pretty sure I've seen Holographic a while back in store. I'll keep an eye out for sho.

    So exciting when you find a new brand! My boyfriend always makes fun of me for being super excited about a new collection - can you imagine me with a new brand display?! HAhahaha!

  7. I am vibrating with excitement and we don't have a Dr anywhere near. But, if that chain is getting GOSH, there is hope that perhaps others will in the future and it might just make it's way West to me.

  8. Holy crap!!! I know where I need to stop this weekend. I wish I could call in sick to work tomorrow! LOL. I'm sad they are sold out of Holographic and Rainbow, I wonder if they will be getting anymore in.

  9. I wish I lived closer to NY. I'd so be going there tomorrow! I hope this will mean that GOSH will come to other stores as well....soon too!

  10. OHMYGODOHMYGOD I've got to go to Duane Reade this weekend! Thanks for the heads up!

  11. Gosh here is very expensive. It costs about 8€ and they never have anything interesting.

  12. they probably wont be getting anymore Rainbow and holo, they were discontinued years ago and they are not available any places here (In Denmark where the brand is based...)

  13. Just a other 5 years and maybe they might make to a store in australia mind you they would thens sell for a lot more sigh we live in hope

  14. Gasoline and Purple Heart are both gorgeous! So congrats on the find! :D And I'm crossing my fingers for Rainbow and Holographic as well. :)

  15. Ah there are 2 Duane REades by my job that carry these! I have to say that other than Holographic (which I just got in a swap) I'm not that impressed with GOSH! Don't hate me! ;)

  16. Woo-Hoo!! Score!! Now that's one impressive display! Fortunately, here in Quebec there are still places that sell Gosh Cosmetics, but I've yet to come across the full lineup like it! Can't wait to see your swatches!!

  17. Wow! You lucky, lucky girl. I hope they're there to stay, too.

  18. Alexisaurus, I hope you do get to see this soon!
    Traci, I only wish I knew BEFORE you came lol
    Halifax, aw you're sweet! Someday hopefully there will be Holographic and Rainbow for all!!!
    Nicole, usually I'm not too excited about DR but this really steps it up
    Claudia, I asked the guy working if he had seen a holographic, and he seemed like he knew what that was and remembered it went FAST. Not sure about Rainbow.
    annie, agreed - it must seem odd to someone who's not into this lol
    Ice Queen, Walgreens bought DR so MAYBE someday they'll expand!!! I don't want to start rumors though lol
    HaulOfFame, the guy working said they only received one shipment but will get more if it goes well!
    Kimberly, I hope they decide to sell it at more locations!!!
    Adrianna, this is the only one I've seen it in person, haven't seen it anywhere else.
    Johanna, yes totally luck AND a random find!
    Une Ruxi, wow that's quite a difference in price!
    lljusjin, aw that's sad, hopefully they're come out with something new and awesome though :)
    loberry, aw hopefully sooner
    mylittlevanities, thanks girl I'm excited to share pics
    Carly, that's awesome they are by your job! You have to at least love the cute little bottles lol
    Eugenia, right?! They went all out!
    Megan, I hope they stay and end up in more stores!!!