Monday, September 12, 2011

Nails Inc FNO is a Backstage Pass for your Nails

On Fashion's Night Out, London based nail polish brand Nails Inc released a special edition polish simply named "FNO" at 15 Sephora locations in Manhattan. I was lucky to locate this shade early into the night and was excited not only because the metallic steely-blue hue is intriguing, but because this is my first Nails Inc polish!

Nails Inc "FNO" stunned me - this polish only needed one coat! Because I wasn't prepared for the powerful opacity, I needed a second coat to cover some mistakes. Next time, I will try to focus and use only one coat :)

I am also impressed how the finish is metallic without the unfortunate brush strokes other metallic polishes are prone to leaving. "FNO" reminds me of a blue version of Butter London's "Chimney Sweep".

I'm officially in love with Nails Inc! What do you think - is this an original polish or have you seen any like it before?


  1. You know, I feel like it must so difficult for brands to create new and unique shades, and while I've seen (and probably own) several gunmetal shades, there's still enough variables out there to come up with something special, and I think your FNO is just that: special! I have just one Nails Inc. polish, and that one too was basically a 1-coater too!! Crazy! Love this shade...and now I want it even more! lol!! Looks stunning on you!!

  2. I have fallen in love with nails Inc!!! I need FNO. They have other colors that I am lusting after but are only available in the UK. Womp womp!! Thanks for the swatch!!!


  3. I don't think I have anything like this, but it sure looks great! Besides that, I love one coaters :-)

  4. I absolutely love it!! And your skin tone is perfect for this shade!

  5. I am seriously addicted to nails Inc! I already own 20 bottles and have a friend in the UK buying me more! They are all one coat wonders and beautiful! Be sure to try their caviar top coat! Seriously fast drying and shiny!

  6. gorgeous! I haven't tried any of their polishes yet! Do you know if this one is still availabe at any Sephoras or was it just for FNO?

  7. Eugenia, I trust your eye! I don't think I've seen your Nails Inc swatch yet... but I will look for it now lol
    Alexisaurus, that's fun that Nails Inc does shades with limited releases :)
    Maribeth, I'm totally in love with Nails Inc now, all it took is one polish!
    My Nail Polish Online, one coaters are great and the fact that the color rocks is a huge plus
    Une Ruxi, this one will be good in the winter when I'm even paler lol
    Fingers, wow that's a lot of Nails Inc! Will look for caviar top coat at Sephora, thanks for the tip!
    Carly, it might have been just FNO but I haven't been to Sephora since to confirm