Saturday, September 24, 2011

I ♥ GOSH Purple Heart

Recently I was elated to find GOSH nail polishes at Duane Reade in NYC at 40 Wall Street and "Purple Heart" was one of the two beautiful purples I chose.

"Purple Heart" is a dusty duo-chrome that morphs from metallic purple to a cool greenish chrome. While purple is the primary color, the steely gunmetal hidden inside flashes strong.

Watch as "Purple Heart" transforms!


There are those subtle green tones!

I was expecting "Purple Heart" to be a thin color in need of "underwear", but this polish was almost perfect in one coat. The brush however was a little funny, it clumped together and fanned out only after the tenth nail as I was applying.

I forgot my beef with the brush after wearing this polish for four days with minimal tip wear. This is a color I personally didn't tire of - I typically am itching for a new shade after only a couple days :) While it's not a rainbow in a bottle, it is fascinating to watch as your nails change from strong purple to chrome in an instant.

Are GOSH polishes available where you live? What are some of your favorite shades?


  1. I had this one before, and loved it! It's really a beautiful duochrome. My favorites are Holographic and Gasoline. No Gosh this way, but I've been lucky with swaps in the past!
    I think you captured the colors so well. :)

  2. It looks great on you! No Gosh here where I live but that'd be awesome. I want Holographic so badly. :)

  3. No Gosh here as well, but I have this one :>
    Good to know it's a one coater!

  4. No Gosh here either! Maybe when I come visit NYC, I will have to stop and buy some! This color is stunning!

  5. New follower here-- no GOSH in the bay area. but it looks awesome

  6. There is a small number of Gosh polishes at my local Lawtons, but I've never tried any. I'll have to see if they carry this one, it's gorgeous!

  7. Have not tried this brand before. Not sure where to get it. This sure is pretty though!

  8. Gosh, that color is good! ;)
    I've never heard of this brand, but if all the colors are this good, I'll have to hunt them down!

  9. I only have that one and Holographic but I like both :)

  10. I have this one and it really is gorgeous! No Gosh where I live either. I bought mine while I was on vacation this summer.

  11. I don't have any Gosh polishes, but I want this one! OMG!

  12. Fashion Footing, mmm awesomesauce
    Nicole, that's awesome that you have Holographic! What a rare find! And thanks :)
    Ivana, these grey-purple and I get along hehe
    Smaltoitaliano, it's such a great color! Happy you have it too!
    illustratedlady, and hopefully when you visit there will be a new shipment and lots of GOSH!
    imobsessedwithnails, Hi thanks for stopping by! Hopefully someday GOSH will come to you!
    Veronica, it's totally worth seeing in person :)
    Fingers, maybe you will find it randomly too someday!
    Adiel, this one's a winner and the bottles are just so GOSH darn cute :)
    Helga, ooo two of the best ones! Nice!
    My Nail Polish Online, GOSH is a great vacation treat.
    thenailaholic, GOSH it's a good one! Hope you come across it! :) :)

  13. Wow, made Purple Heart look so cool! It's really subtle, but when the light hits it a certain way and you start seeing all these colours emerging, it's like wearing a mood ring on your nails!! Love it!

  14. Hi Eugenia, why thank you! I do love it because it IS subtle... it's almost your own little secret that it's a color changer :)