Monday, September 19, 2011

Dave Matthews Band: Magic Brownie nails

This weekend I was over on Randall's Island for the three-day Dave Matthews Band Caravan! It was an incredible weekend - we heard several great bands play and saw three amazing nights of DMB.

There was a Ben & Jerry's truck that was handing out cups of ice cream... but for some lucky reason, when we stopped by, they were giving out ENTIRE PINTS!!! Have you tried the Magic Brownies flavor? It's a raspberry and brownie concoction that's simply wonderful. I just happened to be wearing Revlon Facets of Fuchsia this weekend, which perfectly matched the ice cream :) Thanks Ben & Jerry's!!!

Revlon "Facets of Fuchsia" is a truly special gem containing multi-faceted pinky purple glitter pieces that float on top of a black jelly polish. I layered one coat of "Facets of Fuchsia" over Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear "Black Out" for this magical manicure!

I visited several drug stores around Manhattan before finally finding Revlon's Expressionist Collection at Duane Reade on 200 Water Street. From what I've seen on your lovely blogs, it seems "Facets of Fuchsia" is a copy of "inspired by" Deborah Lippman's "Bad Romance". While Revlon doesn't win originality points, they wins wallet points. I paid $5.50 (ouch...) but that's still less than two-thirds of the $18 price tag on "Bad Romance"!

After a long and exhausting weekend, my body is tired but this mani still looks great :)

See you next time, Dave Matthew's Band!


  1. So so pretty! Buying this polish this week.

    Now you have me wanting some Ben and Jerry's. :)

  2. OMG, I love Magic Brownie! It is my favorite but it is so hard to find here. Facets of Fuchsia is gorgeous!

  3. I wish the Ben & Jerry truck would stand outside my house, giving out ice cream! I'd be in heaven. And very fat.

  4. Oh Dave Matthews I used to love this band.

  5. Whoa! That really can be a dead-on duplicate for DL's Bad Romance! I've seen some other swatches of this shade floating out there, but yours really do it justice! Looks awesome on you, Amy!

  6. Your polish goes well with the Ben & Jerrys!

  7. I went to the Duane Reade on 200 Water st today and I couldn't find it!

  8. BMR, I hope you see it somewhere by you :)
    Tera, I have a hard time finding Magic Brownies too... I love the raspberry in it!
    thenailaholic, yah just seeing this picture makes me want it again lol
    oneinchnails, haha quite a conundrum
    Une Ruxi, it was an AMAZING concert!
    Eugenia, thanks girl! I was sad to take it off!
    Olivia, right?! Who knew!
    NAZIN, aw it's too bad the displays have so few of each color :( That was the only store I've seen it in, too!

  9. After seeing your blog, I knew i need facets of fucshia. I called 9 stores in my area (cvs, rite aid, beauty land, ulta, etc) and no one had it. I went to another 5 and no one had. Finally a rite aid in deeps of Philadelphia had it. I was willing to pay anything for it! But to my surprise, they were having 40% off revlon products. I got it for just a little over 2$ plus a 2.50$ cash back coupon for next time. I was so happy i had to text and call all my friends who knew i was obsessing over it, and finally had to share it with you. I've been getting so many compliments on it

  10. mk, wow what great dedication... I know exactly that feeling! I'm sooo glad your quest ended in victory AND that it was on sale :) Thanks for sharing!

  11. so funny! i kept seeing this polish all over, and didn't end up buying it...kind of regretting it now after seeing how great it looks on your blog! maybe i'll run into it again! :)

    1. I've seen it in stores, I think it's part of the permanent line. It's a really great polish!