Tuesday, September 13, 2011

China Glaze Concrete Catwalk is Runway Ready


Fashion Week is in full swing here in New York City. Over at Lincoln Center and all around Manhattan, designers are sharing their spring collections and new models are making headlines and starting their careers. I love the presence and press nail polish companies have been receiving. It seems more than ever people are noticing what color designers are choosing for their runway shows!

Runway-ready polish China Glaze Concrete Catwalk is a smoky chalk board grey. Finding a true grey is tricky - they can tend to look too blue, too green, or too purple. But Concrete Catwalk (to my eyes) is a truly grey grey. PS: Greyest grey is one of my picks for top 5 fall nail polish trends, so if you're still searching, look no further than Concrete Catwalk!

China Glaze nailed the formula with Concrete Catwalk. This polish was just about perfect in one coat, and adding a second evened out thin spots left by my unsteady hand.

When I was out wearing Concrete Catwalk, two strangers went out of their way to tell me they loved this nail polish. This is honestly a rare occurrence - this is NYC and usually the only interaction between two people on the street is an occasional "excuse me" or "am I heading uptown or downtown?" :)

In NYC, China Glaze can be purchased at Beauty 35 at 505 8th Ave (corner of 35th St and 8th Ave) As of March 2012, Beauty 35 no longer carries China Glaze and Beauty Plus Salon at 2568 Broadway (between 96th and 97th).

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  1. Wow! This should be a very special creme, I thought people compliments was only for stunning holos or blinding glitters! :D

  2. Beautiful color. Need to get this soon.

  3. This isnone the polishes I am lusting after hard. It's perfect!


  4. I have this polish but all my swatches turned out black instead of the dark creamy grey it is! Great pics!

  5. Polish and Charms and Helga, China Glaze nailed the grey creme
    gnoma, you're so right about that, who knew a grey creme had so much power
    Veronica, I totally agree!
    BMR and Alexisaurus, this is a good one to have on a wish list :)
    imfeelingnail-venturous, it is kind of dark! I love that is it still light enough though to not confuse it with black though.

  6. Looks amazing on you, Amy....I'm not surprised that people came up to to inquire - your application really sets it off well and makes the polish look great! I love this grey too...and the gloss!! It's stunning!!

  7. Not usually a grey fan-but this is really pretty!