Monday, June 20, 2011

Where to Buy Nail Polish in NYC Map and a Borough Poll

After countless weekends and afternoons searching for nail polish stores to share with you (and thanks to the Google Map technology), I would like to officially introduce you to the Gotham Polish Where to Buy Nail Polish in NYC Map! With (22) stores and counting - not including the hundreds of drug stores - I hope the map will be another great resource for you if you live in NYC, if you're coming to visit, or you're just curious :)

Go ahead! Click on the big "MAP" button!

Currently the map includes stores in Manhattan. I will keep updating the map (and "Where to Shop" page) as I stumble across/am tipped off to awesome nail polish retailers. To my fellow New Yorkers in other boroughs: if I could, I would spend every day traveling everywhere my Metro Card would take me to find nail polish stores. I'll be expanding my polish search throughout the summer for you!

Which leads to the poll! The poll will be active for (1) week. I'd love to hear from you so I can find nail polish retailers that are in your area :)

What Borough Are You From?

As always, let me know if there's a great store in NYC Gotham Polish readers should know about! This blog is a resource for all and New York is a BIG place :)


  1. Ray's Beauty Supply on 45th st and 8th ave, they have OPI Essie, Color CLub
    Take a look at this link too, tons of other places:
    although I haven't had the time to check any of these locations out.

    Manhattan Beauty Supply
    121 Chambers Street (off West Broadway)
    212 619 3191
    Here are the brands they carry:
    LA Colors, J2, Nyx, OPI, Nickka K, Orly, Essie, Ruby Kisses, Milani, LA Girls

    Cosmetic Show and it's 150 East. 55th Street you can find discontinued polishes there. Sometimes some awesome finds!

    Optima Beauty Supply, at 22 John Street, carries Duri, Ruby Kisses and some other brands.

    AS Cosmetics, carries pa. It's at 217 Centre Street. I just found this doing a MUA board search, I need to go there!!!

    Wigs and Plus on 32nd has OPI essie Color Club, RK, nik, and some other brands I cant recall at the moment

    This is what I got for now =P

  2. The Walgreens at Kissena Blvd in Flushing has Essie and Sinful Colors (some other brands, too but they're slipping my mind!)

    I need to remember the places I buy polish a little better. I think this calls for a notebook that I will use for this explicit purpose.

  3. This is so cool!!
    I don't have any nice polish spots in the bronx...I just put on my ipod and some comfy shoes and walk around to different shops and supply stores until I feel satisfied LMAO.

  4. This is a great idea! If you decide to do a stores listing for different cities in the World, I could help with a few hints for Toulouse, France. My friend, Ruxi, from Une Ruxi à Paris, could help for the south-western side of Paris.

    I tagged you with a little award on my blog (link in my profile), if you are interested ;)
    Really, I think your blog deserves all the awards circulating right now on the blogosphere.

  5. Claudia, I can't wait to check out these stores! That NY Mag link is great, I haven't seen it before. Yay new stores!!! Thanks!
    Vijii, I think there's a Sally Beauty in Queens too somewhere... keep your eyes open :)
    ChaosButterfly, that sounds like a great afternoon
    Cristina, thanks for tagging me! I'll have get to work on a post :) That would be fun to take Gotham Polish international... I might take you ladies up on a guest post of sorts in the future!

  6. wish i could go to new york! lol.

    new follower here. hope u visit my blog too!!!

  7. going to NYC today....only a polishaholic would make this map! So helpful, thank you!

  8. Hi Kate, welcome!
    Janna, I hope you had fun and found lots of polish!!! Glad I could help :)