Monday, June 27, 2011

Pure Ice Crackles

Pure Ice Crackle Cab

When I spotted an untouched display of Pure Ice Crackle polishes at Walgreens, my heart skipped a beat or two out of excitement. Although I feel that calling this collection "Crackle" was a bit of a missed marketing opportunity - the brand is called Pure Ice, wouldn't "Iceberg" have been an appropriate and original choice? I'm just saying...

Pure Ice Shattered is a chartreuse green (Shrek green, if you will). The naming of this color disappointed me - Slime would have been a great pick! I hadn't seen a crackle polish in this shade and thought it would make for some really fun color pairings :) This polish yielded large cracks on me, especially on my middle finger. I really liked how jagged some of the cracks are though. In this case, the unique color trumps odd cracking and I probably could do a better job shaking the bottle next time or use a thinner.

Pure Ice Crackle Shattered
Base colors used pointer to ring: OPI "Shorts Story", Mattese Elite "Puccilicious", Essence "Let’s Get Lost", OPI "OPI on Collins Ave"

Pure Ice Hot Couture is a bright and vivid pink. This shade is a very similar pink to other crackle polishes, but at $3.99 this is an inexpensive alternative. Because I tried this after the green, I wondered if maybe using thinner coats is the trick with this brand so on my pointer finger you'll see I used a thin coat of polish. This gave me thin cracks... so I went back to using "normal" coats (not too thick, not too thin) and was VERY happy with the result!

Pure Ice Crackle Hot Couture
Base colors used from pointer to ring: Mattese Elite "Twiggie", China Glaze "Grape Pop", Color Club unknown (Edie? Wild Child?), OPI "Conquistadorable Color"

Pure Ice Iceberg Crackle polishes are $3.99. Final words? The price can't be beat and I think they're as good as any other crackle polishes out there. If was a bigger fan of crackle polish, I would go buy them all :)

PS - Drive safely!!!


  1. I love the color selection with the Pure Ice crackles. Nice swatches!

  2. Hahaha, Iceberg would have been perfect for these! I'm loving that green.

  3. These look great. Grrr!!! My walgreens doesn't sell pure ice. :(

  4. I had the yellow and, um, yuck! It's sheer and when layered over For Audrey it looked like monster boogers. Not the look I was going for. I do like your pink swatches! It's darker than China Glaze's pink.

  5. I haven't bought any crackles yet because I didn't know how much to apply, and it seems a bit daunting to me. Thanks for describing this product and the visual swatches.

  6. thats so cool that pure ice came out with crackle polish,
    it looks like they have some pretty different colors from all the other crackles that are out

    thanks for sharing!

  7. I haven't tried any crackles, but Pure Ice seems to have the best selection. I love your swatches!

  8. Awesome look! I have yet to find these Icebergs. I wonder if I'll have a 'Titanic' moment... Hmmmm. ;)

  9. I love you posts! I haven't seen the Pure Ice crackles yet. I'm kinda over the whole crackle thing, but I like their color selection.

  10. That pink is awesome.

    I have to keep a lookout for these.

  11. the pink one is nice!
    any idea if they're in canada?

  12. i thought i should try this... since im not huge on crackle i could get it just cause its cheap! haha

  13. wow, i love these, my favorite is the shreky green one over the blue and purple and that pink is just too nice : ) why don't we have these in the uk? unfair : (

  14. Which Walgreens did you get these at? They're not at mine. =[

  15. Ahh which walgreens they don't have em in queens

  16. ow how rude of them to set up a display after my NY visit!!, and I totally forgot to go back to Walgreens (Times Square) to pick up Sally Hansens latest Tracy polishes boehoee, lovely crack colors!

  17. I'm so excited for these, but haven't seen them anywhere yet. I guess I'll have to keep looking. I want that green, the bright blue in the picture, and to try their white, silver and black.

  18. Thanks, Stephanie! I had fun picking out the colors to try these over.
    Nicole, yah and they could have put an iceberg logo on it too... *sighs*
    frugalspender19, mine didn't either before these. Maybe you'll get them?
    Hermione, sad to hear the yellow wasn't great :( that would have made a great combo!
    Hi BeautyBehaved, thanks for stopping by!
    Thanks Olivia, if you see them in a store by you for the price it can't hurt to try these out :)
    Kay, glad to help! There are a lot of tips and even a few videos around about applying crackle polish too on other sites, if you're looking for more tips I'd say search "how to apply crackle polish"!
    Kimberly, OMG that would be sweet if the collection was Titanic themed.
    Megan, yea the selection is great! Something for everyone!

  19. BMR, I hope you find them :)
    Belle, sorry I'm not sure :(
    Summer, my thoughts exactly!!!
    nail loopy, aw that's sad... but hey you have polishes we don't have yet :)
    Vijii and lexuhmuree, I found these in Walgreens on the UES - I want to say it was on 2nd ave and in the 70s.
    Martje, I hope you had a good time in NYC and found some other polishes!
    Fiona, yes keep looking!!! I have no idea how they decide which stores will get them!

  20. love your blog :) i tagged you in 2 awards:

  21. Nice! And I definitely cackled when I read your PSA about cracked bumpers :-P

    I've been flipping back and forth on my need for more crackles ever since I saw these Pure Ice ones. But I think I'll go back for the Green and Orange one at least. Those are definitely two colors that I haven't seen done before in Crackle/Shatter/Iceburg/...Earthquake? polishes. ^_^

  22. Lime green crackle?! I NEED it! Pure Ice is only at the Walmart where I live (not Walgreens), so I hope they show up there, too!

  23. Thanks, goodlacknail! I updated my award post to thank you!
    Nails and Noms, EARTHQUAKE I LOVE IT!!! I think for the price and colors they're good to have.
    Zara, ooo I hope they do too!

  24. That green crackle and blue base coat would look so cute for earth day or something like that!