Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lily Pads Love I Lily Love You

I Lily Pad Love You

Last weekend was perfect - it was super sunny and not too hot! We took a trip back to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden (hey, that last post reminded me how much I loved it...) and found this fantastic water lily, which simply must have been the inspiration for OPI's latest hit polish "I Lily Love You" ;)

Worn over your favorite color, OPI "I Lily Love You" creates a fabulous confetti manicure with it's square shaped glitter and larger randomly shaped flaky pieces. The texture of the flakies reminds me of very fine Easter grass and has that same prismatic appearance.

When applying this polish, I recommend kind of dabbing it on so you get a more even distribution of glitter and flakies.

OPI I Lily Love You

Like any great flaky polish, "I Lily Love You" looks great with a matte top coat!

OPI I Lily Love You Matte

Pairing "I Lily Love You" is not to be limited to pink polishes! Pictured below, "I Lily Love You" is worn over China Glaze "For Audrey" and OPI "Do You Lilac It". I loved blogger Neglelakkmani's swatch over black.

OPI I Lily Love You mixed

Worth mentioning: This polish was pretty tough to remove. Break out all your tricks for removing glitter polish here, because once those little flaky pieces attach, they do not want to come off easily :) Also, a few of the flakies didn't quite go on smoothly and stuck up. I actually took a file to smooth out some pointy flakies so I didn't catch them on anything. But these small sacrifices are worth it for an amazing nail polish!

Did you pick up "I Lily Love You"? Leave a comment if you found a great color to wear this over!


  1. ohh, I'm jealous! My Ulta is always out of this beauty

  2. That lily is beautiful! It looks like someone splatter-painted it. And I don't have I Lily Love You, but after this I am sure as heck going to get it.

  3. Nicnack, aw I hope you find it... this is a good one, not surprising it's sold out!
    Laura, hehehe if by "someone" you mean me + Photoshop, you are correct! Glad these pics won you over!
    Sarah, did you pick this one up?
    BeautyBehaved, they are sooo colorful
    tata-nadaver, thank you :)

  4. wow love it! I cant wait to use my on a mani! That lily is sooo pretty!

  5. So pretty! I'm just in love with your last mani :)

  6. oh my what a nice polish to layer!

  7. That must have totally been the inspiration for their color! So pretty :)

  8. This polish has woken up the flakies obsessed part of my brain. It looks like Sinful Colors Pink Ocean which is super hard to find, and now I'm determined to hunt this one down this weekend!

  9. OMG!!! I havent heard of this yet, where did you buy?? I want this!!!

    PS..i know you have received many of these awards, but you have a few waiting for you on my blog :)

  10. Shadow, what color will you try it over?
    Biba, I love it over those colors too!
    Belle and Veronica, did you pick this one up?
    Anutka, hehe it IS a crazy looking lily wink wink
    Amanda, I hope you find Pink Ocean! I haven't seen that one yet.
    Varnish Me Up, I bought this at a Solution Beauty Source on Fulton Street. Ricky's probably has it also! Thank you so much for thinking of me! I updated my page to thank you :)

  11. It's definitely not what I expected...I was thinking it would be closer to Pink Me, I'm Good. But it is nice and I love what you layered it over.

    That lily is gorgeous too...nature is so crazy with the stuff it comes up with sometimes.

  12. I love this polish. The glitter looks great with all colors but it especially looks great with pink :)

    Hope you have a great day

  13. ChaosButterfly, hehe... yes... nature... or my crazy mind + Photoshop...
    Kiki, yea it really makes pinks pop :) Thanks for stopping by!