Sunday, June 19, 2011

Essie "Your Hut or Mine" gets Literal in Aruba

Aruba Essie Your Hut or Mine

Essie "Your Hut or Mine" is a perfectly appropriate polish to finish what has turned out to be Aruba week :) One of the great features about the beaches in Aruba (after the turquoise water and white sand, of course) is that picturesque huts offer shady relief from the tropical sun. I know I was able to enjoy the beach a lot more because I was able to take breaks from the sun :)

"Your Hut or Mine" is from Essie's 2011 Resort Collection. This peachy-pink polish is unlike any of the other pinks in my collection - it's muted without being dull or "old" looking. And the subtle splash of warm shimmer adds a lively touch to this chic shade.

Essie Your Hut or Mine GP

I picked up this polish at Cosmetic Market on 37th between 5th and Madison, which is another store I can thank reader bigiyedfish on MUA for informing me of (pssst: it's now listed on the Gotham Polish map!) Cosmetic Market deserves it's own dedicated post... but briefly, random Essie polishes are $3.50. I noticed after I got home that this polish bottle is without the signature raised "Essie" text - it's completely bare on all four sides! The cap still has the salon-version "e".... oh well, perhaps this is why it was $3.50 :)

I hope you've enjoyed some pictures from my recent trip to Aruba!


  1. What a fabulous colour! The last photo is stunning. Essie's for $3.50?! I'd feel compelled to buy them all. ;)

  2. So pretty! Definitely will be picking this color up on my next ULTA trip- i didn't originally think i'd want it, but after seeing swatches it's lovely! And I've definitely adored all the pictures and cute little comic elements you use on your pictures from Aruba!

  3. I usually don't like pink, but this one looks so pretty!

  4. Lovely polish, it is on my wishlist too.

  5. Nice polish! Awaiting for my order to arrive from the USA... it (also ;)) contains Essie Resooooort 2011!!! :)

  6. Nice colour! And you're so lucky...Essie polishes for $3.50?? I could only get them online for 12€!! :(

  7. The Essie love~So cute! This is a really pretty polish. You've got a fun blog here. Thanks for stopping by mine. Have a great week!

  8. A Polished Touch, the selection is RANDOM - I was surprised to see something so new!
    Abby, oh good I'm glad you like the Aruba pics :)
    Biba, it's totally a "different" pink.
    Une Ruxi, I hope you find it!
    Cristina, how exciting!!!
    lovelyhair, it IS :)
    Elsa P, wow that's a lot! Anytime I can find Essie on sale it's hard to resist hehe
    Kay, thanks for stopping by!!!
    Nailderella, it's a nice change from a traditional pink :)

  9. I love this color! very coral! ^___^