Thursday, June 16, 2011

Don't be Crabby - Aruba's Sand is Polish-Perfect

Aruba sand Gotham Polish

Yes, we did see crabs in Aruba! We took a trip to the Natural Pool, which is this surreal pool of water protected from the rough seas by Aggro Crag-worthy rocks. Tourists and sea creatures alike love the Natural Pool, including little nasty crustaceans that crawl around the rocks.

Mattese Elite Playa del Chrome is a sandy beige creme polish that I picked up on sale at Ricky's for $0.99 (I love the days I go to Ricky's and there are new colors marked down!!!) I initially was psyched more about the price than the color, but I ended up loving this one and consequently have joined team nude polish*. The wear time was fantastic: I wore this polish about (3) days before chipping set in. But that led me to discover another bonus of nude polish: the chips aren't super apparent (as compared to, say, a dark color) so you can get more days of wear in if needed without looking a mess :)

Mattese Elite Playa del Chrome GP

Side note: Does the name "Playa del Chrome" remind you of anything? How about... "Playa del Platinum"? Mattese Elite also has polishes named "Legandary Alice" (blue glitter), "Nutty Hat Guy" (multi-colored glitter), "Wet Dream" (OK wow they went there), and I saw one last week called "Next Saturday Morning" or something to that effect, which was another Katy Perry dupe... curious, no?

You can purchase Mattese Elite polishes exclusively at Ricky's in stores and online.

Oh, and don't miss the new Gotham Polish Map!

*But only the extracurricular division - I'm not giving up bolds and blues for good here, folks.


  1. Oh my! I have to get my hands on this!

  2. i love your creative images (:

    this is a gorgeous nude!

    check out my blog please

  3. omg I love your map!!! You rock!

  4. Those names are hilarious. "Nutty Hat Guy"? "Wet Dream"? How embarrassing would that be to buy lol!

  5. We went to Aruba on our honeymoon & we LOVED the Natural Pool!! I can't wait to swing by Ricky's and pick up some Mattese polishes when we're back in NY in a few weeks - yay!

  6. This looks so pretty on you, and I love the cute crabs that you made.

    LOL @ Mattese copying OPI on the low.

  7. HAHAH this is cute... love this color!

  8. Vijii, hopefully there's still a few on sale!
    Thanks, BeautyBehaved!
    Hayley, I'll keep updating it!
    Laura, right? Imagine if someone asked you what you were wearing?!
    Thanks, Paillette
    Andi, what a great honeymoon destination pick :) And how exciting about your NY trip!
    Thanks ChaosButterfly... and I need to find a way to use "on the low" now hehe.
    Polish AMOR, I'm glad you like the crabbies and the polish :)

  9. I would love to own a good nude polish, I am thinking about picking up a Zoya polish from their Touch collection.

    I love your blog by the way, very creative!

  10. I really like your blog :D
    And btw, this nude polish looks so pretty on you!

  11. Aw, those little crabs are so cute! And i love the new map- i'm definitely boomarking that just in case i ever go to NYC! Oh, and i also tagged you for the Top 10 Award! :)

  12. Forever '92, thanks!!! The new Zoya look awesome, I love that they created three colors so you can find the one that best complements your skintone.
    Elsa P, thank you and welcome!
    Abby, I will keep updating the map, glad you like it! And THANKS so much for thinking of me for the Top 10 award! I'm going to have fun working on a post for this :)

  13. LOL that is too cute!!!

    linked u up. new follower here. hope u visit me too!


  14. OMG I love your blog!!! That Sand polish is TDF!!!

  15. Hi Maryam, thanks for stopping by! Yah that sand was AWESOME! *dreams of Aruba*