Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chanel Mistral is in Full Bloom at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Chanel Mistral Garden

If you're a June baby, you'll know that the rose is June's flower! The Brooklyn Botanical Garden is a beautiful and colorful retreat from the rest of the city, and one of the most stunning features is the rose garden. The roses are in their full glory in the month of June - there are thousands and thousands of roses on display in every shade, shape, and size. When my boyfriend and I visited, we wandered around for hours because there are so many varieties to admire.

June is my birth month and last year I was given the pretty Chanel Mistral as a gift :) Chanel Mistral is a putty-pink polish with tiny blue and yellow glitter that looks like sprinkles. This was my first Chanel polish and I must say, the brush is perfection.

Chanel Mistral

This polish applied smoothly and held up well after many days of wear. Sadly, the sparkles are much more apparent in the bottle than on the nail.

Chanel Mistral bottle

Visit the Brooklyn Botanical Garden at 900 Washington Avenue. If you enter on Saturday before noon, it's free :)

Click for more roses!

Brooklyn Botanical Garden 2

Brooklyn Botanical Garden 1

Brooklyn Botanical Garden 3


  1. I really like this shade. Now, to see if I can trick my mom into buying it so I can bum it off her. Heeheehee! Happy birthday!

  2. Very pretty! I hate when sparkles fake me out in the bottle, but it still is an awesome color! Happy birthday too!

  3. That's such a pretty color on you! The botanical gardens looks beautiful! I wish I could visit.

  4. Such a pretty color! I love the shimmer its got going on.

  5. Vijii, thanks! The Chanel polishes are pricey but it's worth it to have at least ONE! hehe
    Maribeth, Thank you!
    Stephanie, it's a lovely place I'll have to post more pictures of it!
    Une Ruxi and caneriva, I still wish it were a little more sparkly though!

  6. Thanks for the comment :) and this color is gorgeous!!

  7. so incredibly pretty!! love the color! :)

    - aimee
    diy blog: swellmayde

  8. oh i love this color i need to find a nail polish in the same color! thanks for the comment so great to meet another blogger from ny!