Saturday, June 11, 2011

Back from Aruba!

Greetings from Aruba

I'm back in NYC after a week in Aruba! After a long cold winter and too many hours of work, Aruba was just what I needed to lift my spirits. The colors were so vivid and incredible - the sea and the sky were so blue and all the plants were so green.

Aruba Natural Bridge

Aruba palm tree

MAC in Aruba
I giggled when I saw this "MAC IS COMING" sign on a storefront in Oranjestad :)

What polishes did I choose for Aruba? On my toes I wore China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, and on my fingers I wore the incredibly long-lasting American Apparel Neon Red!!!

Check out how Neon Red stood up to Aruba in a post-vacation nail polish pic...

I have already raved about the lasting power of American Apparel Neon Red, one of three neons I won from April at Concrete and Nail Polish. A few weeks ago, I wore this color (4) days without any chips and knew this would be the perfect polish for Aruba!

Here's how American Apparel Neon Red looked (8) days after I applied it:

Neon Red post vacation

Pretty sweet, right? My left hand nails are more accurate of how my right hand should have looked had I not picked away at the tips on the airplane on the way home (the polish started to lift away in a few places enough to slide my nail under... it was too tempting to resist). I'm really impressed how well this polish holds up... eight days may be a new record for me :) Oh, and the base/top coat combo (aka magic recipe?) was Orly Ridgefiller and Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.


  1. Looks like a lovely place...these buildings! And they're getting Mac...oh, lucky them!

  2. Amy your pictures are beautiful! I love the toenail polish,ChG FFF is one of my favourite neon pinks ;)

    Also, I totally understand the temptation to pick at your nail polish that peels/lifts away! I love the neon of the AA polish!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I'm glad you had a nice vacation. :)

  4. Rose, the buildings were awesome! I was surprised there wasn't a MAC yet because there was a ton of Estee Lauder everywhere.
    Elizabeth, thanks! I was actually saving FFF for this trip :)
    Stephanie and Biba, thanks :)

  5. Welcome back (nice birthday gift, by the way!) I can't believe how the polish looks after 8 days! Crazy! As to picking nail polish off, I know I shouldn't but sometimes it's just too much FUN!! Aruba looks so alive...the colours are incredible!