Monday, May 2, 2011

Forever 21 Times Square: like the website, but real

Forever 21 outside

Last summer, Forever 21 opened a GIGANTIC store (the biggest location on the East Coast) in Times Square!  There are four levels, and each level is probably the size of 2 or 3 mall-sized stores. And the selection of clothing, jewelry, and makeup is unlike any other location I've been to. It's as if you were somehow sucked into ala Alice falling into the rabbit hole :) Just as impressive as the size of the store is the hours - you can shop from 8AM until 2:30AM!

Forever 21 inside
The ground floor - the lower floors are at least twice as big

Displayed on the first lower level are the accessories and polishes. While I intended to visit the store simply on blog detail, I glanced inside a bowl of polish and one blatantly asked me to take it home.

Forever 21 polishes GP

OK little polish, you can come home with me. As long as you play well with the others.

Forever 21 polishes 2 GP
Yes, that is a guy in a Trojan helmet on the right... gotta love Times Square

Mint by Love and Beauty is a murky green with little blue/green shimmer. This applies with a jelly texture, while still being opaque. It looks like it could be a similar shade to Chanel Jade, what do you think Jade owners?

Forever 21 Mint polish GP
Can you see the shimmer?

Next time you are passing through Times Square, take a look inside Forever 21. Racked sums up the Times Square Forever 21 experience with these words: "It's freakish and amazing, and it definitely does not care if you think it sucks."

Forever 21 Times Square is located on Broadway between 45th and 46th St.


  1. Oh hell no that's a crazy big F21!! I used to work at one and if I had to work on four levels I'd probably go insane!! Think of all the go-backs!!!! Eeeeeeeep!! Anyways I have this color too and I love it!!

  2. You saved that polish's life, I'm sure he is eternally grateful! ;D
    I would never pick out that polish myself but it looks gorgeous! I'll have to remember to look out for one similar now.

    8am-2.30am is freakin' crazy, but I would definitely go in in the middle of the night!


  3. I am so insanely jealous! I love those store hours as I work nights and sometimes on my nights off I'm still wide awake at crazy times! That would be too perfect for me!!!

  4. The forever 21 in my area never has a good selection of polishes. Maybe I will search around online.

    I love the Toy Story photos :)

  5. Such a pretty shade, and the store is wow!! kinda like H&M on Champs Elysee

  6. Ahhh you did not bust out the aliens! They were so cute...I love how they all spoke in unison with their googly eyes and green selves.

    And I think the polish looks better than Jade, or at least in the pictures, it does.

  7. I'm impressed with the color, don't think I'd like the sheerness of it. I like the blue shimmer/glitter inside of it tho. :)

  8. I LOVE IT! Your reference to Toy Story is awesome. This color is has potential. I like the sparkle in it. Dang it! This means I have to start checking out Forever 21.

  9. You're awesome! The polish looks beautiful.

  10. @Pinupcherrymakeup: Oh my goodness you would get such a work out running the clothes around!
    @Sammersaurus - Yah I've considered going late at night... haven't yet though...
    @Leslie - Oh that would be good! I'm not sure how their employees feel about them though :)
    @nicnacksnails - Sometimes I think they send different colors to different stores
    @Une Ruxi - Oh I would love to visit that H&M, and the Champs Eylsee of course!!!
    @Chaos - YES I WENT THERE!!! <3 Toy Story!
    @Lacquer - yea the shimmers make it all worth it
    @Megan - Yes, yes you do ;)
    @Rikki - thanks :)

  11. Ahahaaaaa!! I love this post! It made me laugh! "The clawww!" Hahaha!
    That is a gigantic store! I wanna go to NYC now! :(
    Pretty green, its so creamy!

  12. Ooooooh the cuteness!!! "I've been chosen" Thank you for this big smile on my face <3

  13. Fiona, glad you like the little alien polish!
    Gnoma, aw your comment made me smile right back!

  14. I LOVE this post and the toy story references... If you don't mind, I'd like to feature you in my "Friday Favourites" post and include a pic, giving you full credit and linking back of course. Please msg me if you want me to take the pic down!

  15. Pretty polish!! Absolutely love it, though I think it's a bit darker and muted than Jade, but gotta say I love your green guy a lot more! Just saw Toy Story 3 recently, sooo loved it.
    WHAT?! 2.30 AM? All the shops here in Holland close at 6PM and 9PM on thursdays...

  16. Hahaha I LOVE how u made the polish a little alien from toy story! So adorable. All the little edits on your pics are so creative!

  17. Thanks, Hayley!
    Jane, I cried a little during Toy Story 3 :)
    Thanks, Nat! It looked like a little green alien to me and when I picked it up, that confirmed it :)