Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It Takes "Pure Energy" to Roller Blade!

Central Park is arguably the best place to celebrate spring in the city. The trees start turning green, the boats return to the pond, and flowers start to bloom. There are so many ways to enjoy the park - one popular activity is roller blading! One place in the park you are certain to find inline skaters of all abilities is by the Band Shell (it's just south of the Bethesda fountain). On this particular day when I was out walking, an obstacle course of sorts had been set up and skaters were taking turns skating through cups - erm, nail polish.

Color Club Pure Energy is a vivid neon blue with an amazing shimmer that simply lights up one's nails. I fell in love with this color after seeing an amazing swatch on Nail Juice. It's from an older Color Club collection, but I was lucky enough to pick it up at Essentials Plus on the Upper West Side only a few weeks ago (see: Where to Shop).

Neons and OPI Black Shatter are meant to be together!

Do you roller blade? I would love ride around in Central Park - maybe I should save up for some skates!

Read more about roller blading in Central Park here.

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  1. Fabulous combo. I love the feeling of getting a lacquer I've seen on somebody's blog post because I fell in love with it.

    Yes, I used to skate a lot. However, I'm a bit of a daredevil and I always seem to get hurt and as my body gets older, I don't heal as fast :P So I don't do it much because I've not ever learned how to just "skate" and enjoy it. I always want to jump off that curb, or try that ramp "just this one time" GAH!

  2. I LOVE your little graphics with the polishes, so cute and fun!

    I agree, Pure Energy is such an amazing color!

    I was sold when I saw doridavis' swatch of this and I hit the jackpot a few days later when I stumbled upon it in a blog sale. And then I fell utterly and totally in love the second I unwrapped it, I can't wait until the snow is gone so I can wear it!

  3. I adore the way it looks with the crackle on top!

  4. Lacquer Ware - So you'd totally be in the park going through the obstacle course :)

    Evercouldbe - Glad you're enjoying, that is a GREAT swatch thanks for sharing!

    Paris and BMR - thanks I could not help but shatter it :)

  5. Awesome polish! This is one of those polishes that I always mean to pick up but never quite manage, but after seeing it with the shatter I'm definitely not passing up on it next time I see it!

    Love your graphics, they're always so adorable!

  6. I love spring. DC is just starting to get the cherry blossoms :) It's so pretty!

    I wasn't sure about this one cause I thought it would be streaky, but it looks great!

    Dude I grew up on roller blades (walmart ones ... they were pure junk)but I was still totally cool:p

  7. Thanks Heather! Yah it's not super expensive and looks HOT.

    Loodie - nope, not streaky at all. Ah, yes, memories of days with plastic skates *sigh*