Friday, July 25, 2014

Weekend Shopping: Visit Birchbox's Flagship Store, Christian Louboutin's "Rouge Louboutin", Enter to Win a Year's Supply of Polish, and More!

The Unisphere - Corona Park, Queens

Hey there! How's your summer going? I haven't had nearly enough time to blog lately. Instead of filling your reader with posts created with what little time & energy I have these days (you'd notice. you're smart), I've opted to hold off until I can bring you the good stuff. But there's so much to talk about I just had to fill you in! I did some damage last weekend at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and Nordstrom Rack - sparkly giraffe TOMS, I'm looking at you! - so it will probably be a shopping-less weekend for me. Have fun shopping for me, k?

Here's what I'm loving and (fake) shopping for this weekend:

CosmoProf round ups (specifically, this one by Work Play Polish and this one by Chalkboard Nails)

Create your dream nail polish color and Rescue Beauty might bring it to life! Details here.

Enter here to win a year's supply of butter LONDON polishes (ends 07/30)

And Instagram to win a $1,000 Sephora gift card and the $1,000 VIP Beauty Treatment - details here

Visit the Birchbox flagship store in Soho: 433 West Broadway

Urban Decay's "Pulp Fiction" inspired products

Smitten Polish's summer 2014 collection ("Seahorse Rodeo" FTW.)

INGLOT's new line of fragrances

Pre-order Zoya's new "Natural 2" palette collection

This galaxy scarf

This bed

The color of the Universe is… (why is this not a nail polish yet?)

This woman transformed herself into the World Cup trophy

Vantablack. The blackest substance known. "So Black Your Eyes Can't See It". Aka the new standard for eyeliner & mascara.

The selfie stick is so last week. Get ready for the "dronie".

What do you look like today? (Today I'm an art student at her first office job who hasn't fully grasped the concept of "business casual")

And coming soon:

08/05: Cirque Colors "The Kontiki" and "Back to Basics" collections
08/06: OPI "Nordic Collection"
08/06: Christian Louboutin's "Rouge Louboutin"

What are you shopping for this weekend?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cirque Colors: Holo Comparisons

Cirque Colors has been creating striking holos since day one with Fascination Street & Never Nude in the debut 2012 Dark Horse collection. The line up has grown significantly and there are now seventeen Cirque holographic polishes available. With so many to choose from, you may have been wondering how some compare. I've got three comparisons for you today: the pinks Powwow & Vesuvius, the peachy/corally/oranges Cypress & Luminous Owl, and the blues Bejeweled, Sky Woman, & Night Sky. The pictures speak for themselves so my comments are brief :)

With the exception of Night Sky, the products in this post were provided for review. Read my full disclosure policy here.

Vesuvius vs. Powwow

Powwow is more pink and has blue shimmer. Vesuvius has a stronger linear holo.

Cypress vs. Luminous Owl

Luminous Owl is more coral/orange (I think it looks like the color of clay!). Cypress has a stronger linear holo and a metallic appearance. The formula of Cypress is much thinner, whereas Luminous Owl applies almost like a cream.

Bejeweled vs. Sky Woman vs. Night Sky

Night Sky is not one of the seventeen available holos (read more about Night Sky here), but I wanted to include it for reference in case anyone was interested. Sky Woman is less saturated. Bejeweled has a stronger linear holo. Night Sky has a hint of green and is much darker than Bejeweled than it appears here.

I hope this is helpful :) Don't forget to enter Cirque's giveaway here for your chance to win all seventeen holos!

Cirque Colors holographic polishes retail for $13 and are available at and these participating retailers.

PS - You know what I would love to see Annie create next? Pastel holos!!!

With the exception of Night Sky, the products in this post were provided for review. Read my full disclosure policy here.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Birthday Nails

Not too long ago, I had a birthday. It was super low key and it rained :/ But, my boyfriend made burgers, got me some macarons, and there was a party on my nails! I wore Cirque XX as a glitter gradient over OPI Step Right Up. (Cirque XX was provided as a press sample. I won OPI Step Right Up in a giveaway. Read my disclosure policy here.)

Cirque XX Glitter Gradient

Cirque XX Glitter Gradient

I was inspired to do a nude-ish glitter gradient by this mani done by PolishCandies (formerly hannvjk) and by a mani found on Pinterest by a gal named marce7ina. It was not linked properly (that's Pinterest for ya), but after a little searching I tracked down the original post - view it here. I applied XX with an eyeshadow sponge, although I probably could have done without it and just used the brush. While I usually layer it over black, I really like how XX looks as a gradient with a soft base color.

Side note: doesn't it seem like there are a lot of Gemini beauty bloggers out there?

I hope you had a lovely 4th of July weekend!

Cirque XX was provided as a press sample. I won OPI Step Right Up in a giveaway. Read my disclosure policy here.

Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July Nails & Weekend Shopping

Happy 4th of July, my fellow Americans! Are you doing anything fun to celebrate? I can't wait to see the fireworks this year. For the last five summers, they have been over the Hudson but this year they're back on the East River. It will be great to see them above the bridges again!

I've been thinking about my 4th of July mani from the moment I laid eyes on Incoco's patriotic Independence Day collection (which I received for review - read my disclosure policy here). Any of the three designs would have been perfect and I chose this glittery stars & stripes one. The design is actually called Independence Day :) I'm totally crazy about it! 'MERICA!

Just for fun, here's a look back at my last few 4th of July manis: 2013 | 2012 | 2011 - includes pics inside the Statue of Liberty!

And here's a little weekend shopping for the long weekend:

Enter Cirque's Ultimate Summer Giveaway for your chance to will all 17 holographic polishes! Details here.

Coming soon: Birchbox's first store!

Zoya is offering 3 polishes for free with $12 shipping (or, 3 polishes for $12 with free shipping). Code: THREEDOM. Need help deciding? Check out my Zoya swatches here!

New from butter LONDON: the Brick Lane collection.

Frazzle and Aniploish gave us a first look at The Giver collection from China Glaze: - aka a nail polish collection based on a movie based on a book. Check out the 5th photo from the top.

NARS is the latest brand to upgrade their nail polish formula.

Nouveau Cheap shared beauty clearance deals from Macy's.

Argh the $6 arrow ring from Nordstrom is sold out so now I have my eye on this one.

Bonus: check out these amazing pictures of Wednesday night's wild thunderstorm!

Have a great weekend :)

Products in this post were provided for review. Read my full disclosure policy here.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Field Trip: New Urban Outfitters Herald Square Beauty Section

This is going to be a picture-less field trip (because of course I find cool things when I don't have any kind of camera with me) but I'm excited to tell you about the beauty section in the new Urban Outfitters in Herald Square! It's worth talking about, even sans-pictures :)

As I was about to go into the subway after a quick errand at Macy's, I noticed a massive Urban Outfitters right across the street (35th St) beckoning me in. Inside, the store is even bigger than it appears - I later learned on Racked that this newly opened "lifestyle store" is 57,000 square feet. That's more than six times larger than the average 9,000 square foot store (source). I'm surprised the greeter at the door wasn't handing out compasses and maps ;)

Somehow I found the beauty section (OK, it really wasn't hard to find). Initially I was drawn to a nicely stacked tower of Urban Outfitters' colorful square polishes like a moth to a bright light. But that was only the beginning - just beyond, I saw a large (organized!!!) beauty section filled with rows of brands, many I'd never seen before, and an abundance of ridiculously adorable packaging. It was a bit of a jaw drop moment; I needed a few seconds to take it all in. Some of the more memorable products include a cooling eye cream in a plastic panda, hand cream in flower pots with animal heads on the lids, and something packaged in what looked like eggs in an egg carton. And in comparison to the perfume sticks in Russian nesting dolls, the peach lip balm in a peach seemed a little... ordinary. While there still aren't as many brands in the store as there are on the website, the selection is much larger than any Urban Outfitters I've ever been to. And oh, the organization!!! Instead of products tossed in a bin, strewn across a table, or haphazardly placed on shelves (maybe that's an NYC problem?), each brand has a section and each product has a place complete with a tester, similar to a Sephora display. Also notable: the beauty section has designated staff around to help you out and talk to you about the products. This new Urban Outfitters opened only a couple weeks ago and I hope that it will be kept as nice and organized!

Here are the brands I remember seeing (there were maybe three or four more that I'm forgetting):

  • Anastasia
  • Ardency Inn
  • The Face Shop (side note: if you want to see the full line of Face Shop products, just walk over to their store on 32nd St between 5th and Broadway)
  • Holika Holika
  • Lime Crime
  • Stila
  • Tony Moly

I didn't explore the rest of the store. It felt like it would have been an event, like going to Ikea. There's a coffee shop, a place inside to lock up your bike, and even a salon. It's like they don't want you to leave...

I am very impressed with the beauty section in this huge new Urban Outfitters and think it's totally worth checking out, especially if you're in the area. I'll be back again - hopefully with a camera.

Visit the new Urban Outfitters in Herald Square at 1333 Broadway (at the corner of 35th St). The beauty section is on the first floor towards the back - look for the landmark tower of square polishes!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Weekend Shopping: MAC's Revamped Nail Polish Line, Rescue Beauty Lounge's "Dramatic" New Collection, Jason Wu x Lancôme, and More!

photo taken a few weeks ago at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Hey it's almost the summer, officially! Whoa "Summer, Officially" sounds like the name of an emo rock band circa 2003. Nowadays I guess that means it should be a nail polish name. Speaking of awesome nail polish names... can someone make a dinosaur themed collection? Because I want to see "Tricera-taupes" happen. I'm looking at you, OPI!

Here's what I'm shopping for this weekend:

MAC has reformulated their nail polish line, added a wider brush, and lowered the cost from $17 to $12 (almost 30%). Seems like they are addressing the most common criticisms the nail polish community had about their product!

Meanwhile, not listening to their customers, we have Sally Hansen. Long time favorite blue cream polish in the Xtreme Wear line Pacific Blue has been revamped to be not so cream and not so awesome. Cue a "really" from Seth & Amy.

New from Sinful Colors: the Silk + Satin summer collection will have a "demi-matte silk texture". Five new textured polishes are coming in the Full Throttle collection. Read the press release on Examiner (via Nouveau Cheap)

I'm interested in Essie's new blues Strut Your Stuff and I'm Addicted but want to know how they compare to 1. each other and 2. In The Cab-Ana... has anyone come across such a thing?

There's another round of nail polish blind dating Enchanted Polish pre-order this Sunday June 22nd @ 12pm PDT (that's 3PM over here on the East Coat).

Rescue Beauty Lounge has a new collection! Do a Google search for Anatomy of a #KDrama to see swatches from several bloggers - they are all great and I couldn't possibly pick just one or two to link here :)

Jason Wu collaborated with Lancôme and there's a nail polish called 'Vernis in Love'.

Uslu Airlines polish is available at Nordstrom.

New from Glam Polish: the Epic Journey collection (LE), inspired by the Fellowship's Journey through Middle-earth.

The Sephora Formula X 'Liberty' top coat is all things 4th of July.

Rebecca Minkoff's new Bloomingdale's exclusive "Bike Share" backpack reminds me of those black nylon Prada backpacks (but at a fraction of the cost!)

This $6 arrow ring is basically a no brainer. Oh, and it ships for free.

I'm also loving...

Watch Fox 5 news' interview with Essie - yep, the Essie!

Cats & sushi.

What are you shopping for this weekend?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Incoco's Independence Day Nail Polish Appliqués

Incoco's Independence Day Nail Polish Appliqués
Product(s) in this post were provided for review. Read my disclosure policy here.

Nail art is a popular and festive way for many women to show their patriotism on the Fourth of July - but, no one said that it was easy to do! However, with the new 2014 Independence Day Collection by Incoco, you can quickly and easily deck your nails in the stars and stripes in minutes without the mess and hassle of liquid nail polish. [from the press release]

With so many new designs for summer 2014, I was pleasantly surprised when Incoco's Four of July themed trio showed up in my mailbox. Any of these three appliqués would be just perfect to wear to celebrate the 4th in a few weeks (or maybe to cheer the USA on in the World Cup!)

Incoco Independence Day
Independence Day - pretty much the most 4th of July you can get on your nails. This is all glitter.

Incoco American Girl
American Girl - I could definitely not paint on these tiny multicolored stars with a brush! Up close the stars look a little worn, like a partially rubbed off temporary tattoo :/ But, probably only you would notice that. This one has a pearly finish.

Incoco Fireworks

Incoco Fireworks
Fireworks - glitter! Yea!

I don't know which one I'll wear for the 4th yet, but I do know that whatever I pick will be better than last year's hot mess American flag nail foil things.

Incoco products can be purchased online: Independence Day (the stars & stripes one) and American Girl (the stars one) retail for $8.99 each. Fireworks (the all-glitter one) retails for $7.99. For the latest, follow Incoco on Twitter and Facebook. If you're interested in reading all about my experience with Incoco, I wrote about application and wear time here. In short, they're awesome and I recommend them.

Product(s) in this post were provided for review. Read my disclosure policy here.